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I was on probation for 3 years with possible 2 year extension , 3 years are up but they didn't extend. Am I on probation or not?
I also owe restitution but my probation officer isn't really enforcing it. Looked on court docket and no mention of extension. Looked on co-defendant docket his probation officer put in extensive for 2 more years to pay restitution. My 3 years is up yesterday with no word of extension, can they file extension after 3 year time frame? Am I off probation? I haven't spoke to my officer cause I don't want to remind him that 3 years is up and he file extension. Any suggestions?
The first thing I would suggest is that you pay the restitution. Most courts will not terminate a probation until the...
Suspended license in another state
will a misdemeanor bench warrant from 4 years ago in north carolina prevent me from getting a license in ohio? My license is currently a nc license and it is suspended. Im not sure if it is suspended from/by ohio or north carolina the only thing legal in ohio is fines from traffic tickets. If i pay the fines in ohio can i get an ohio drivers license; without dealing with the misdemeanor bench warrant out of nc?
Ohio will not give you a driver's license with a pending out-of-state suspension. You will have to deal with the...
Are there any cases where prior to taking BAC, paper is inside the mouth and when blowing in BAC the paper is still in the mouth
The paper went undetected by police officers. It took three blows to get a reading.
The officer's are supposed to observe the subject for 20 minutes prior to a test to make sure there is nothing in the...
My finance was charged in Lake County with a third degree felony OVI with a specification.. He recieved 8 years with no accident
My finance was charged in Lake County with a third degree felony OVI with a specification.. He recieved 8 years with no accident and this is my 7th OVI in 20 years.. the Court gave him an appellate attorney and she filed on the fact that he recieved an excessive sentence.. I filed a 26(B) application stating that the Specification under KLEMBUS out of 8th district violated Equal protection and should be removed.. The prosecutor responded stating that he was charged with 4511.19(A)(1)(a) but was sentenced under 4511.19(G)(1)(D) however none of the record states that. the sentencing journal entry says 4511.19(A)(1)(a) and since the Court speaks through the journal entry is he not right that he is charged and sentenced under this? Also the appellate Court denied his application stating that he was charged with (G)(1)(D) as well which leads us to believe that they never read his appeal but only the prosecutors.. I am now filed with the Supreme court and received an opposition from the prosecutor stating that his case is different from Klembus because he was charged with the (G)(1)(d) and not (A)(1)(a) as he was.. but his journal entry says different and there is nothing n the transcript or anywhere that states (G)(1)(d). What do I do?
I am extremely confused as you jump between your fiance being charged but this being your 7th OVI in 20 years and you...
If I am in the pretrial stages of 3 misdemeanor charges how long does the county have to prosecute if I fail to show for court.,
There is an assault charge, OVI refusal and criminal damaging. The criminal damaging will be dismissed because there is no evidence to prove that I committed the crime but I missed a court date thinking it had been moved with the other charges that were moved to a new date and now there is a warrant for my arrest. How long will the warrant be good and how long does the county have to prosecute.
Because you failed to show, the speedy trial time stopped running so there is no limit on the time they have to bring...
Reckless op ticket for "drifting" in the snow then the cop say " try not to show up to court intoxicated" is that harassment?
I was not drinking nor was I intoxicated and I've never gotten any ticket or alcohol related think on my record.
No, it's not cop harassment. It could be considered "cop rudeness," or "cop arrogance." On the other hand,...
How long does a county have to indict a person for felony DUI. Arrest was 8/5/14 and still no court date.
This is the 6th DUI in 20 years.
Felonies in Ohio have a statute of limitations of 6 years. I would speak with an attorney who specializes in this...