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group of friends drinking under the age of 21 cop gives tickets out he has court in july and he needs t have an idea what to expect
He needs a lawyer. If this is his first lifetime arrest, a lawyer can likely get this case dismissed. Please let me...
I had 3 DUIs in more than 5 years. It has been 10 years since last conviction. Have had health issues that have prevented me from working. Therefore I cannot afford the $2000.00 + to satisfiy Ga. I no longer live in the state and just want to get my drivers license.
The statute of limitations has nothing to do with your issues. Statutes of limitations proscribe the length of time...
I just left a football game with my 3 yr old, i got pulled over and they seen my PRESCRIBED medication in my purse and asked when I last took one it had been about 7 hrs ago, It only stays in ur systemm 3. they arrested me for DUI DRUGS and endangering my child.. can dfcs take her?
DCFS can at least begin the process and determine if there is enough to take the child yes. Will they take the child is...
My friend pleaded No Lo in a DUI case. It was a refusal. He was given an affidavit to get a driving permit. But when he went to DDS to get the permit he was told he could not because of the refusal. But he received a document in the mail from DDS stating that after 120 days and a completion of the DUI school. Is he eligible for license reinstatement. Can he apply for reinstatment even with the refusal.
A ALS refusal if upheld will be a one year hard suspension, no permit, he will get credit for the administrative time...
Received DUI (less safe)7 months ago and court is coming up. Have my license already been suspended or have been suspended for 7 months now and if so will my license be suspended a year from conviction of DUI or day the incident happened b/c I wasn't arrested at the time. I had car accident and they charged me for dui b/c of controlled substance they found in my overnight bag in my truck. (prescription pills which were mine) first offense no criminal background.
It depends. If the officer took your license that night, and gave you a 1205 form (regular size sheet of paper with a...
Daughter was on way home 3:45am. Car broke down and she was standing outside the car when the Police pulled up.The keys were in her pocket. She tryed to tell them a friend left her there to go and get help they called her a lier. Her and her friend was not thinking or she would of walk to a phon cause her phone was dead and she was drunk.We also live in a small town Rossville Ga.So she is dealing with a 1st DUI
What's your question? You didn't ask one.
Driving on i-16 west out of savannah at approx 1 am. Cop says he clocked he going 70 mph in a 55 mph zone on I-16 west mile marker 165. I turn on 516 west to get onto the side of the road mile marker 5. Cop asks why i was pulled over told him i realized i was speeding show him military and driver ID cards. He runs my id card and then comes back says he would like me to step out of the car so i do and he suspects me of drinking i had told him several hours prior i did he has me do a field sobriety test. Unsure how the physical tests went but then asks me to use a breathalyzer i blow .09 he arrests me puts me into the cop car and asks if i would like to take a blood test and shows me a small red paper i think had the request written on it. I say sure. Wait for the tow truck and about an hour later blood was drawn. And he confiscated my drivers licenses and i was booked several hours later on speeding and dui.
If you do not have a lawyer do you think the judge and prosecutor are going to feel sorry for you and dismiss the case?...