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My son's NJ license just got reinstated. He moved to NY over a year ago and is getting a license there and not in NJ.
If he stops making DWI surcharge payment to NJ will his NY license get suspended ?
He will need to have a valid NJ license as the basis to apply in NY. If he stops making payments and NJ revokes his...
I need a lawyer for DWI 10 years ago I was driving hi I got stopped by the police I pay my tick is it possible to get my license
this happened in 1994 there is any requirements to get my license back I need legal assistant now thank you
As long as went to court, paid your ticket fines and you fulfilled all of the requirements for the ticket, to restore...
I would like to apply for post conviction relief for a prior DUI case that occurred 10 years ago. Please let me know my options.
I have 4 DUi's that took place in my early twenties. I think there may be a chance to open two of he cases and get at least one if not both of them thrown out. I would like to know what are my options with post conviction relief. I've done a little research and i read that time is definitely an issue when applying to the court to have my case heard again. I would like to sit down with a lawyer and know all of my options.
There are some exceptions but 5 years is the noirmal limit to file such a motion. There has to be grounds normally...
I have court for dws reckless and running atop sign in elizabeth nj. But i was never driving i was the passenger. What do i do??
Richard barros hillside nj. Dl suspended since 2007. Was also incarcerated 3 weeks prior to accident. For tivkets so i already knew i was suspended n couldnt drive therefore i didnt drive but am being blamed for it.
If this case is 7 years old, there probably isn't anything you can do. You should have gone to court and raised that...
Will two DUI convictions bar me from becoming naturalized?
I have two DUI convictions, one "attempted DUI" from FL(no fingerprinting done) and my last in 2008 in NJ. I have since sobered up(had a serious problem) and have gone to counseling and meetings since then, thankfully. My father has been naturalized for several years now and is urging me to get naturalized as well but I'm very worried that my past will prevent me from becoming a US citizen. Do I have any chance? And what to do I need to provide if I get to an interview? None of these involved damage to people or property.
This is not actually a dui question but an immigration question. I will change the practice area for you to immigration...
I caught a dui case with alcohol level of 1.5, is it worth it to get a lawyer over a public defender?
I really dont have much to spend, will it really be worth it to get a lawyer over a public defender? It is my first offense and I also have a reckless driving ticket as well.
First of all, you didn't have a BAC of 1.5, or else you would be dead. Perhaps a .15, but not a 1.5. As for "it is...
Arrested for dui and reckless an hour after an accident with witnesses passing breath test.
No drugs or alcohol in my system I was charged with 4 counts including dui and reckless with no law enforcement present. It was seen by civilians all firmly concluding I was 100% in the right. An hour after the incident speaking to a dozen police and medical personelle left unsupervised over 30 minutes a cop decides he had probable cause since I had my head down and a dry mouth. The only reason they conclude charging after passing 3 breath tests their DRE decided my pupils were not dilating properly after 6 checks. I had prescription medication with me that they felt impaired my driving. I gave a urine sample but how could they conclude that it was taken before or after the accident regardless of the fact that I had not taken any that day?
All facts need to be reviewed in this case to provide an accurate answer. You should definitely hire counsel for this...