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I was sitting in car after bar closed with a friend listening to music very loud- I was tipsy. The car was in parked position. my friend was in passenger seat- Cop pulled behind car and question me drinking - I admitted to drinking as I didn't want to lie he took both of our drivers liscenced back to car- had me get out of car talked to me told me it was wrong to be sitting in car even if im not driving. He did not do breath test OR any sobriety testing. I did NOT refuse tests- the cop simply did not do them. He did not give me a written warning but told me to find a ride to take me home. he gave our liscence back . Can I still get summoned to court I am SO scared.
You CAN, but it's almost guaranteed that you won't. Without FST's, a breath test or an observation of the vehicle...
I was sitting in my car after the bar closed with a friend I was definitely tipsy ; listening to music. with the car on . but not moving. cops pulled behind looked at our liscence in his car but gave them back. Had me step out of the car - sternly talked to me about my drinking and if I should be driving home I said I probably shouldn be . he never did breath test, sobriety testing or ANYTHING and didn't give me a citation or any paperwork at all. I am still worried I could get charged. I call the police office told her I got pulled over by a bar to look me up she told me if I didn't get ticketed there I wasn't going to get anything mailed to me either this was in Brunswick ohio . she didn't look my name up though ; should I stop worrying? im afraid to be summons to court
It sounds like you're in the clear. Be more careful next time and get a cab!
His liscence through the court was suspended for 6mo and his CDL was suspended for a yr. He was told if he got an ID it would void the CDL and he would have to take the test again
Yes, you can obtain a "temporary ID" through the Ohio BMV. If you ask for a "State" ID it will cancel your license and...
Double Jeopardy?? My reasoning is based on single criminal episode. "The order of dismissal concludes that in pleading to the civil traffic infraction, Knowles admitted an essential fact necessary for proof of the DUI charge: that Knowles was in control of the vehicle for both offenses. Thus, Grady v. Corbin, 495 U.S. 508, 110 S.Ct. 2084, 109 L.Ed.2d 548 (1990) bars the subsequent criminal prosecution. The order notes that characterization of the two proceedings as civil or criminal is not a determinative factor for purposes of double jeopardy analysis. See United States v. Halper, 490 U.S. 435, 109 S.Ct. 1892, 104 L.Ed.2d 487 (1989)."
No, pleading to a seat belt violation does not in any possible way bar a subsequent prosecution for OVI.
I was in an accident five months ago. I told the officer I had been drinking six hours before the accident. The officer had my blood drawn and just recently charged me with serious injury while under the influence. The tests came back as .137 and I don't see how this can be possible. All the online BAC calculators show that I would have had to drink a lot more to be at that level six hours later. Why would the officer wait 5 months to charge me and are the tests legal if I had an IV in my arm during the test?
A blood draw is going to be more accurate than an online calculator.
I was arrested for OVI for marijuana. I'm not guilty but I am a regular smoker so my urine test came back high. Even my lawyer thinks we'll lose. But the container the officer used to collect my urine did not have a label, in fact none of the containers at the police station had labels. I am under the impression that it must be labeled and initialed immediately. I even heard the officer tell another officer that he supposes they'll just have to use the cruiser cam and fst against me. SO TO BE CLEAR, DID HE BREAK ANY RULES BY NOT PROPERLY LABELING THE URINE SAMPLE IMMEDIATELY OR IS IT OK TO JUST LABEL IT LATER WITH A DIFFERENT PIECE OF PAPER OR STICKER?
It appears that you already have an attorney. It would be unethical for us to answer this question for you because you...
I was in an accident and the cop said I could do the pee test at the hospital after doing the PAS on the scene....which came out .134. He said the results would be back in 3 wks. and they would go from there. I opted to take the pee test results. I have not heard a word from anyone since then. How long after the incident does the cop have to issue a citation? This was investigated by Medina County Ohio Sheriff's Department.
Generally up to a year after the incident if it would be a misdemeanor , ie, you don't have priors. Felonies are longer....