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DUI first offence hit rearend of another car no one hurt mother of 4
was told will go to jail for one month on public aid do nails on the side to raise extra money
if you are looking for help with the criminal dui charges, you should post a question in the criminal defense category....
Hi I got 2 DUI'S and when I renew my state ID I asked the the guy about my license he told me it was suspended,
I asked a friend to look in my record he is a police officer and he told me it was revoked What can I do to find out if I can get my license back?
Obviously the DUI's might be a big factor in why your license was revoked. Did you complete the terms of your sentence?...
Can a officer arrest me at home with a DUI offense?
Two weeks ago, I was sitting at home and an officer knocked on my door. He yelled at me for driving under the influence, hitting a car and fleeing the scene. However, I never hit a car nor was I driving a vehicle. Afterward, he took one step into my room and arrested me. But, he conducted a DUI test two hours later while I was in jail. Is this legal? Also, the officer seemed to be in favor the other driver's testimony. He asked the "victim" all of the questions and not once did he ask me for my part of the story.
If the police officer followed you to your home and stepped "one foot" into your home to arrest you while in pursuit,...
I was charged with a DUI last night.
I was involved in an accident. It was the other person's fault. But I did received a ticket for "not slowing down to avoid accident" Which makes no sense. I do not think the test results matter because I drank liquor at the Scene AFTER the crash. I just waited in the car actually and drank wine port.The police did arrive and it said on the ticket that they noted I had wine in my hands when they arrived. I have a jeep and the damage didn't really look to bad, (her car looked totaled) . I didn't know how to handle the situation. I was also drinking before I got into the jeep. But I believe it was the wine I drank at the scene that put me over the limit.
Report this to your auto carrier and hire a criminal attorney. Do not post more admissions online.
Validity of blood testing for drugs in DUI
If the nurse drawing blood used a butterfly needle, did not mix blood in tubes and the police officer did not watch blood draw or watch me when I urinated for urine specimen is the DUI kit still admissible?????
Most DUI cases don't actually go to trial, they are usually settled when your lawyer negotiates with the district...
I got a dui while out of state.Home state says I was revoked and must now meet its rules
The state where I received a dui says I met all requirements and can drive. Though Illinois, which issued the dui suspension, says it notified Nevada that the suspension was lifted Nevada continues to show a revocation on my license and refuses to rescind it. I tried to get a license in Illinois but Illinois won't allow me to have one until Nevada clears the record. Nevada says it won't clear the record and I cannot get a license in Nevada until I meet its rules even though I don't want a license in Nevada. What to do?
you need to speak to an attorney in Nevada that will handle that suspension. It would help if you got all your...
What are the outcomes for not completing an alcohol eval. after being sent to court and getting an extension to complete it?
I have missed 3 alcohol eval's and because of it was sent to court by my case worker. The judge gave me an extension to get it done by a certain date and i was still unable to get it done. It has nothing to do with me being oblivious and showing disregard for the law but rather because of my inability to be able to afford the money to pay for it due to saving money to pay off court fines as im a full time student and work just part time. The DUI charge is back from April and it has been almost a year since my last DUI hearing(June). I had a highly reputable lawyer in the area to help me with the case but am trying to avoid going back to him as again money is an issue for me. Im a smart kid who is doing everything i can to be somebody but im afraid the judge will think and act otherwise.
Apparently you are a smart kid but not smart enough to know how high your risk is becoming after missing your court...