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DWI offenses occurred in Mn. where all penalties and fines have been taken care of. Can I get a WI. license now without having to repeat all penalties and fines?
I assume that you had a Wisconsin license when the DWI happened in Minnesota? And Wisconsin took action against your...
My wife was cited after being found passed out in a car in a parking lot. Officer had ambulance transport her to hospital were blood was drawn and tested. She did not consent. County atty. offered $700 fine, 8 months revocation of driving privileges and 12 months IID. This is a first offense.
This is a serious charge retain a lawyer who handles DUI cases.
Got a D.W.I Girl friend was driving bad transmission started to slip, told her to pull car over, she did. She slid off the road, covered with ice. stuck in snow, wheels won't turn. Woman stopped asked if we need help, I said yes need a ride. Woman said would give my lady friend a ride but not a man she did not know. I said ok go to my house and get your car and come back for me. A sheriff's car pulls up and out comes the "cop from hell" Wanted to know what the problem was. before I could answer he stepped forward and put his face almost touching mine and said YES YOU WERE!!!. so he cuffed and stuffed me. 5000$ bail but if you drug test, nothing. went to test, they wanted a "wet" sample I said you will need to give me breath test. they said no must be wet Told them my kidneys failed
You have a lot going on here with some potential issues. You should not go it alone. Contact an experienced DWI...
The conditions were no same or similar. The remain law abiding box was not checked on my sentencing order. I got in trouble for shop lifting just recently and went to court for that, i am on probation for 6 months and have a fine and a class to attend, now i got a letter that i have to go to a probation violation hearing, what will happen?
More details are needed to thoroughly provide you legal advice. For example, whether you pled to stay of imposition of...
I got pulled over and i was caught with about a gram of pot. the officer ask me a few questions about me being high. i told him i had smoked some earlier that was it. He told me there is gonna be a guy calling me the next day. the guy calls me and told me that if i don't talk he's gonna charge me with a dui. Can he do that? The officer never gave me a ticket or nothing ge just let me off and took my pot.
Do not speak with anyone about this. Oftentimes, they will promise not to prosecute if you "talk" and then they use...
Since I have a felon on my record, it keeps me from doing many things, (certain jobs, travel, etc) Can it possisbly be reduced to a gross misdemeanor, or in some way taken off my record? I live in MN now. The felony DUI was in FL in 2007. All probation ended 2 yrs ago. No violations during probation or since then.
You should probably post this in the FL DWI section.
Its not a felony DUI. I just want to move as far as I can so I don't get in anymore trouble. To many bad influences around here. My wife and I just want a fresh start. Also what would happen if I made the move without permission from my PO? I have permission from the judge to leave state for work. Because my job requires me to leave for long periods of time. But I don't know if that allows me to move altogether.
Whatever you not leave the state without permission from your probation officer. Generally, if you want to...