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  • Reed sentenced to 45 years for 2013 stabbing

    Monday Dec 22 | via Washington County News 

    Shaun Reed, 46, of Chipley, was in sentenced in Washington County court Monday, Dec. 22, for the 2013 stabbings of Dwight Murphy of Marianna and Stephanie Jackson of Chipley. Reed was sentenced to serve 45 years in the Florida Department of Corrections for the attempted murder of Jackson, to run concurrently with a 15 year sentence for aggravated battery against Murphy and another 15 year sentence for committing burglary with battery.


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I recieved my first offens dui Where I live at in Florida I was ordered to take a dui class but after court I leave for two months with my husband to colorado for work business and I would like to know if I could do the class while I'm away or do I have to wait till I get bck
That's up to the local program in Florida. I can only tell you from my experience in Virginia Beach (a heavy military...
Yes an attorney can file a motion to recall the bench warrant.
I have a 13 year clean driving record. This is my first ticket. I know I was not speeding and what to contest this in court. My ticket is for $75 for driving: "unlawful speed at 27 mph in a posted 15 mph zone. The offense charged is F.S.S 316.187. I want to know if I will get points on my license and what does this F.S.S. 316.187 code mean? The officer said he clocked me on a radar. Where can I found that information on the ticket? Also, will I have a chance getting this ticket dismissed in court? Thanks!
316.187 is the statute you are accused of violating. In this case, speeding. You could get points on your license....
I was arrested for dui in August, and went to and completed the dui counterattack school. I was reffered by the Florida safety council evaluator to outpatient counciling along with all 36 other people in my class. I went to the initial session with the third party counciler and before starting the evaluation, before I had even sat down, was told I would be attending group sessions. anyways, I have not attended the first group session, as it's scheduled for early jan. the dui was since reduced to a careless driving infraction (not reckless). The only other charge that was not dismissed was a possession of alcohol under 21, of which they withheld judifucation and no probation. What will happen if I fail a drug test for thc at the group session? can I get another evaluation that is fair?
Are you on probation? If you are then your probation can be violated. If you are not then your worst case scenario...
Do i need to complete this ASAP class to attain a license in Florida? Also, while living in CA somehow my 'license' became suspended but I have never had a license in any state? What do I need to do to get an actual license here in FL
The best way to find out is to contact the Florida DMV. They should be able to tell you. If you need a lawyer, then...
I have the alcohol education class & community service left . I just had child & have to take her to court . I know I have to take care of this first . So I need to know the fastest & simplest way to resolve all of this so I can move on with life
Tell your attorney to petition the court to allow you additional time to complete your requirements of probation.
this is my first dui. i did not complete my community service hours in the first 60 days. lakeland fl
Most probation officers don't want to see you fail. They will work with you to make sure you finish. That said, if you...