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I receive a letter regarding that I need to appear in court due to a high bac
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My husband and I were involved in a car accident on September 2013. The person who struck us was drunk. Our accident was disastrous, we rolled over and my husband held severe injuries to his head. To this date he is recuperating but the doctors do not know if his symptoms will ever go away (dizziness, headaches, blurred vision). The DA charged the drunk driver with 3 counts of great bodily harm (there were 2 other passengers in our vehicle). Can my husband, given the severity of the accident, qualify for the U-Visa? If so, have there been cases of other people who were victims of DUI like my husband, who gave been granted the U-Visa? Please help – Thank you!
I have not heard of anyone getting a U-visa from a DWI. The closes crime requirement that matches with this...
In the past I got a DWI charge so I had to do the interlock along with other programs and fines which I completed all successfully. I was denied my license after the completion for the reason being I've been to prison and was asked to to the interlock for 6 more mths and more programs and fines. Once again I completed all programs successfully and paid all fines. The second time around though I fail the interlock one time but it was because of drinking, so I've been denied still for my license now on the grounds because I failed the interlock 1 time.
You will have to comply with DMV requirements to obtain a license. You need to understand that the interlock is a...
Campus security guards don't have the power to make an arrest...I was very compliant when they told me to get back in my car....20 minutes later a police officer shows up and arrests me...I feel like my rights have been totally violated..P.s. I did fail the breathalyzer, I was over the limit
Many factors go into a conviction, but campus security can certainly testify that you were driving, if they saw you driving.
She T boned me after running a stop sign and tried to flee the scene. I have been out of work for 3 weeks now and have lost a good paying client because of this
You should obtain representation from a local New Mexico personal injury attorney as soon as possible. As long as...
I have a dui from 1991 and they ( DMV ) says that I have to have interlock for at least six months because the new law requires me to .. so I thought maybe I fall under some kind of grandfathered law since it was 22 years ago, I am really confused. Can you please help, I just got arrested for revoked license because of this new law
If you did not have a license was it still suspended from the 1991 conviction? If any case you need to at least...
I think it should be grandfathered but i'm not sure
asked and answered duplicate post, find out why your license was suspended and consult a local attorney