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I was arrested for driving under suspension and got 2 days in jail but they did not give medcine as they was told from my docto
And they said I still half to do my 2 days but it was there fault because they did not follow doctors orders
If the court is requiring you to do time, you have to do it. Any issue with medication being released to you should be...
What's the chance of getting a first time Ovi offense with no priors dropped to reckless op?
I was pulled over for swerving officer got me for ovi. I willingly blew 0.141 because I only had 2 drinks at a pre bachelorette party and I didn't feel intoxicated I have no prior never been in trouble I am a full time student in education and in process of getting teaching job but now they took my license so what am I facing?
The chances of getting a charge reduced depend on the court, the judge, the prosecutor and a number of other factors....
Can u get a secert inditement for a d.u.i?
i got pulled over the other night and was asked if i was drinkin i told the cop no and he didnt say no more besides i can tell u been through this befor.
It is highly doubtful a secret grand jury would be put in place to vote on a DUI indictment.
So I got an OVI the other day and I didn't I don't know what to do.
Should I get an attorney ? Should I use the public defender ?
You should get an experienced aggressive OVI attorney. You are facing mandatory jail and up to three year license...
Will a DUI conviction travel from one state to another?
I recieved a DUI charge in Alabama (first time offense) and my driver's licsence was suspended for 90 days, back in 2013. I have since moved to another state and my licsence is up for renewal. When I change my licsense over from an Alabama one to an Ohio one, will that DUI from Alabama still show up on my Ohio driving record? And will it show up during background checks on my driving history?
I practice law in Minnesota and I can tell you that people who relocate here with prior DWI incidents in other states...
Cop pulled us over and lied about reason. Said headlight was out. It wasn't. And cop let me go took my brother for dui and
Wouldn't let my licensed girlfriend take the car. It has both headlights but they said no.. because they want to impound car n take my money. I should be aloud to take my car.
As you describe it, this was a really terrible & unjust situation. But since you're having a difficultly actually...
What are the chances of a 2nd OVI being reduced and to what?
I have my first OVI back in 2013 and haven't gotten into trouble with the law since then until this past weekend.. I was charged with my second OVI, reasonable control and child endangerment.. I wasn't drinking so my BAC levels were .00 but I hit a bowl of spice (k2/synthetic marijuana), blacked out and hopped a curb and was unresponsive until EMS got to me. At the hospital I did agree to a blood test but I'm not too sure how that spice stuff works in your system. Is there any chance the OVI will be dropped down? and if it can what would it be dropped down to?
It is possible to get a reduction depending on the individual prosecutor, judge, and circumstances, but you have some...