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I was pulled over for swerving officer got me for ovi. I willingly blew 0.141 because I only had 2 drinks at a pre bachelorette party and I didn't feel intoxicated I have no prior never been in trouble I am a full time student in education and in process of getting teaching job but now they took my license so what am I facing?
The chances of getting a charge reduced depend on the court, the judge, the prosecutor and a number of other factors....
i got pulled over the other night and was asked if i was drinkin i told the cop no and he didnt say no more besides i can tell u been through this befor.
It is highly doubtful a secret grand jury would be put in place to vote on a DUI indictment.
Should I get an attorney ? Should I use the public defender ?
You should get an experienced aggressive OVI attorney. You are facing mandatory jail and up to three year license...
will I have jailtime? spent 6 hours then bailed out with bondsman.
If you are convicted of a second offense refusal, you will see jail time. Additionally, the resisting arrest charge can...
Working in Nashville for three days. Went downtown to listen to music. Pulled over by Metro. What can I do to minimize adverse impact on on penalties and adverse impact on business ?
You should retain an attorney in Nashville. Also, repost with Nashville as your location so TN lawyers will see this...
I have been ordered to serve 3 days in jail for a "driving under a 12 point suspension." The date that I am to appear is Friday, December 12th. Since the hearing, I have obtained a new job which will require me to work that weekend. At my orientation, I was informed that time off should be scheduled no less than 30 days in advance so that adequate help can be scheduled to cover for me. I also have scheduled visitation with my children on said weekend. Is there any way that I could get this rescheduled until after the first of the year and, if so, how would one go about requesting this change?
Ask your lawyer to file a motion with the court requesting an extension of your surrender date.
I was driving home after a party where I had been drinking. However, I drove home because I knew that I was functioning perfectly fine. I was pulled over for reasons having to do with my tail light. The cop said he could smell alcohol, and asked me to get out of the car. I did so, and passed every test with flying colors until the breath test. I blew a .07 so we went to the station and I blew a .06, under the normal legal limit. He gave me a ticket with an OVI and tail light charge. This is my first offense. I am a first year Engineering student. My high school record was spotless. I was heavily involved in Church and community service organizations. I would like to find a way to turn this charge into something different, a traffic violation perhaps.
You need to hire an attorney ASAP. You also need to stop admitting facts online. OVI limits are significantly less for...