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I did deferred adjudication for a dui in 2009. Will this show up on a background check for potential employers?
in 2009, i was arrested for a dui and hired a lawyer and did deferred adjudication. Will this show up on a background check for potential employers? whenever asked on a application if i was convicted of a crime i say no.
If you successfully completed DEJ, the charge would have been dismissed and you could truthfully say you have never...
What will happen to my friend when he was caught by police for DUI
my friend was drunk and driving when he get caught by police. What will happen to him when he doesnt hav i-20 but he his visa hasnt expire yet ?
If he is convicted it may pose a problem when he tries to renew his visa or when he applies for a green card.
I have had my liscence revoked in colorado. but my liscence is from montana and i am a wyoming resident? what do i do?
my montana liscence was taken in colorado after a dui. it was later revoked. i am a resident of wyoming what do i do from here? can i apply fro a restricted driving in wyoming even though it was taken revoked in colorado?
If you had an attorney, I suggest giving them a call. Other than that, it may be worth you while to call the CO DMV and...
Is a DUI deferral a conviction?
I am wanting to renew my teaching license and it asks if I have ever been convicted, not sure how to answer. I wasn't fingerprinted, and the charge was deferred, I held up to everything on my end and haven't gotten into any trouble since.
It is not.
What do they do if you get a probation revocation on unsupervised probation.
Got a dui and did 45 days in jail. Was let out and given unsupervised probation. Stipulations were to go do random alcohol tests but was turned away due to not being able to pay for it. It has been 5 years and haven't got into any trouble expect just got a public intox when I was picked up. Just wondering if you think I will have to do jail time.
It is possible. Use the "Find a Lawyer" function on Avvo and contact an experienced criminal defense attorney in the...
Are there any good lawyers for a dui in newcastle wyoming that a reasonable
A first time dui
You have posted a question to a general advice forum. If you are seeking a lawyer for a DUI case, you have a few...
In Wyoming by running your drivers Lisence can a officer see if you are on the first offender probation period?
No details
Good question for the officer himself. I am not located in Wyoming and I do not practice there, but my understanding...