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my montana liscence was taken in colorado after a dui. it was later revoked. i am a resident of wyoming what do i do from here? can i apply fro a restricted driving in wyoming even though it was taken revoked in colorado?
If you had an attorney, I suggest giving them a call. Other than that, it may be worth you while to call the CO DMV and...
I am wanting to renew my teaching license and it asks if I have ever been convicted, not sure how to answer. I wasn't fingerprinted, and the charge was deferred, I held up to everything on my end and haven't gotten into any trouble since.
It is not.
Like I said above had DUI 25-27 years ago only had the permit when I got the second one - The law on the matter is here. It is section 522.081....
I am 17 years old and am planning on going Intl the navy... but I missed this class and there is not another one anytime soon...I'm pretty scared about the whole situation... I need some advice on what to do next. BTW on my copy of the ticket it just says minor in possession of alcohol and the copy that I got at the courthouse said minor in possession of alcohol/ minor in consumption of alcohol... just wondering if that has any affect on anything.
The charge name doesn't have any effect. MIP/MIC are interchangeable and under the same statute. As for the alcohol...
Received a DUI an hour after being home. Had been to bar earlier drinking got into a fight was punched three times in the head also hit head on the ground. Cops came no one was arrested. They apparently told me not to drive. Which I did later to get home. I have zero recollection of the fight or the cops coming. Zero recollection of being arrested or being told not to drive. It was three days later I even found out about the fight. My total lack of recall had me thinking my drink could have been spiked until I found out about the fight. I know I was drunk that night. But I'm always good about getting a cab/ride. I'm sure I suffered a concussion. I don't have BAC back yet. The police never saw me driving. A witness said she saw me drive across the parking lot and that was all.
There doesn't appear to be a question in your narrative.
this was my 2nd dui also I still owe a fine, will come get me?
Most likely not, but it will screw up your license.
I was in a car with a drunk driver while I was also intoxicated. The driver and I were both issued MIP's, but the police also found cannabis in the vehicle. It didn't belong to me, it was the drivers. The driver fully admitted that. Should I argue against the possession ticket? I never had anything on me, nor did I own any of the things found. Thanks for your help!
Speak with a criminal law attorney locally. Many offer a free initial consultation. If you are not guilty on the...