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Received 2nd dui in 3 years almost off first SR-22. Full time student and work full time. Idk if ill be able to afford a lawyer
trying to come up with the $1000 down. Im out $600 dollars already and its only been 3 days since arrest. I'm worried that I will not be able to pay for classes and court if I don't save now; hoping for getting free counsel my mom bought me a new car right before this but I'm forced to sign it over that was my only asset. Still hoping to file as indigent seeing as I will lose my job once I lose my dmv hearing. and i don't know how I will go to school if I'm in jail. can i plead not guilty and then ask for a pre trial conference giving me two more months.
You may ask to be referred to the public defender's office at your first court date. We offer payment plans which...
License suspension because of DUI/DWAI
I am waiting for my DMV hearing (submitted the request in writing, not in person). I have not received my temporary permit yet. I am assuming my license will be suspended at the hearing for 1 month (1st offense DUI (.09). Can my lawyer apply the time I have been without a license (waiting for the hearing, and not yet received my temporary permit) to the time when it will be in all likelihood taken away? For example, after my 7 day period, I have been without a license for about a week. If it takes another week to get my temporary permit., can these 2 weeks without the license be applied to the suspended period, so that after the hearing, it would be 2 weeks without (2 weeks prior + 2 weeks after) hearing? Kind of like time served?
I agree with the way you have analyzed the time period and it definitely sounds correct to me but you need to contact a...
That was to read I had two DUI's twenty three years ago I'm facing my third DUI in Colorado all were in Colorado
can they extradite me back to Colorado from North Carolina to face third DUI charge
Warrants for misdemeanor charges generally aren't extraditable, however, they can be and often are (especially if you...
Colorado DUI failure to appear warrant
About 2 years ago in Colorado at a routine traffic stop I was charged with a DUI and let go. I returned to washington because the police officer told me I could do my hearing over the phone. A couple days before my court date I called the court to find out how to do this hearing. I was informed this was incorrect and I needed to be in colorado in 2 days. So I spent all my money on a bus ticket to colorado for my pre trail hearing (not sure what its called) and excepted a plea deal that involved probation and a reduced charge. I was unable to complete this due to lack of funds. I was homeless with no job. I now have an FTA warrant and just want to know if a lawyer might be able to help with the situation, and what kind of jail time I'm looking at. I blew a .081 if that helps.
Yes a warrant is likely active. Depending upon the jurisdiction and judge, a lawyer can sometimes quash the warrant...
I am facing my third dui in colorado my first you were 23 years will they extradite me from North Carolina
Slid on black ice and hit a pole had 3 beers and refused all test
First, any attorney would tell you to resolve the pending matter in Colorado. It is better to face it now than later as...
Is there a chance this will count as a second DUI?
5 years ago, my fiancé was arrested twice in a week for DUI. The second was deferred and closed as it was right at the legal limit and the first was a standard conviction. He was charged with another DUI after being pulled over for a broken tail light. Will this be treated as his second or third DUI? Is there any possibility for leniency as his govt job rests on it? As well as the closure of our pending home purchase etc. I've seen the man drink less than a handful of times and can't imagine how derailed our lives could get over such stupidity.
He needs to hire a local lawyer that is familiar with DUi laws. This is a tricky situation where the DA can handle...
Is it possible to complete alcohol classes on unsupervised Probation
I was sentenced on a Dwai on 12/8/14, had an Alcohol evaluation on 1/7/15. I was told I had to do Track B therapy and started 10 days later. The Judge gave me One year of probation with Six months supervised. I have completed all other terms of my probation. Last week my RMOMS probation officer said I must be supervised until completion of classes. Probation terms June 8, my classes continue until mid October. I don't intend on voluntarily signing an extension. Is it required that I be supervised or just a ploy for continued payments? I have no previous criminal record or dirty UA's. P.S. The judge knew I would most likely have Track B and still gave me six months supervision. What are my options
Your first and best option is to hire an attorney to work through this with you.