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I pled guilty to a DWI in Town & Country Municipal Court and received a "SIS". Does that count as a "criminal charge" if employment application asks about criminal charges?
Yes, but if the probation is over I would look at the question closely. If it asks if you have been convicted of a...
First offense dwi and refused to take the breath test. Lawyer has the dwi case dismissed and reduced to careless driving. License revocation is going to be a year for refusing to take the breath test. Can I get limited driving privileges after 90 days without the ignition interlock device. State of MO
You will need to have the ignition interlock installed. Refer to Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 309.302 for guidance....
I was charged with a 3rd dwi that did result in an accident. No one was hurt and I did not first two offenses were dropped to carless and imprudent driving and from what I understand the officer is asking the judge to charge me with a misdemeanor charge as opposed to a felony. What is likely to happen as far as punishment? Also when applying for jobs do I need to check yes or no for a felony conviction?
You really need to hire an attorney as soon as possible. From the facts as you present them, you are not yet convicted...
A felony DWI.
Your question is very open. There are many good attorneys on this website, you should contact one.
When he was at college(20 years old) he was driving and a lady hit him they exchange info and went along. an hour later the police showed up and gave him a test and arrested him for DUI. He appeared the next day and plead guilty. Now that its off of his driving record when he fills out employment records does he have to say yes when asked if he has ever had a DUI? Can he get this removed being he was under age? This happened in Columbia MO . Thanks
It depends what the disposition was and what the question on the employment application is. If it has been 10 years,...
I was recently arrested for a DWI(heroin) in St. Louis. They drew blood with my consent, only after the officer told me it was worse for me to refuse. They released me that night with a court date and told me the charge was pending until the lab work was completed. They also told me that this charge is now a felony in Missouri, even for a first time offense. Everything I've read so far on the internet seems to contradict this. Any information is greatly appreciated. Thank you
Hence why we have lawyers and police officers should never give legal advice. You are correct, it is not a felony....
first ever offense. clean record. no one was hurt. I have been contacted by child services and am working with a social worker taking a substance/alcohol abuse evaluation and parenting classes. I have also taken it upon myself to take AA meetings and get a sponser and have stayed and continue to stay clean and sober. don't know any lawyers or legal aid and have never been in this type of situation before or know of anyone that has. would really appreciate some good honest advice. the case and court are also an hour plus away from my home where the accident occurred,
You need to hire an experienced DWI attorney immediately. The classes and AA are great, however, you really shouldn't...