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  • Too Often, Some Say, Volunteer Officers Just Want To...

    Wednesday Apr 22 | via KTOO-TV Juneau 

    Robert Bates , a Tulsa County, Okla., reserve deputy, leaves his arraignment Tuesday with his attorney. Bates fatally shot a suspect who was pinned down by officers, raising alarms about volunteer police officers who wear badges and carry guns.


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  • Alleged Theft Ring Mastermind Faces New Insurance Fr...

    Monday Apr 20 | via WEHT 

    According to court documents obtained by Eyewitness News, Thomas Elpers, one of the alleged masterminds of a $1.5 million equipment theft ring that was dismantled earlier this year, The 62-year-old has been charged with felony insurance fraud. Elpers allegedly registered a VIN number, or vehicle identification number, on a vehicle that had been fraudulently reported stolen, court records state.


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  • Psychologist: African-Americans See 'Danger' in Poli...

    Thursday Apr 9 | via News Max 

    A psychologist who has worked with residents of Ferguson, Mo., since the death of Michael Brown says it's reasonable to believe that for many people - and especially for young African-American men - being detained by police under any circumstance has become a frightening experience. "I would think that most people, most youths, most African-American men at this point feel like it's a danger to be stopped by a cop for anything," Jameca Falconer, a psychologist and faculty member at Logan University in Chesterfield, Mo., told "MidPoint" host Ed Berliner on Newsmax TV Thursday.


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Chesterfield Law

First offense dwi case and refused to take the breath analyzer test.
First offense dwi and refused to take the breath test. Lawyer has the dwi case dismissed and reduced to careless driving. License revocation is going to be a year for refusing to take the breath test. Can I get limited driving privileges after 90 days without the ignition interlock device. State of MO
You will need to have the ignition interlock installed. Refer to Missouri Revised Statutes Chapter 309.302 for guidance....
Municipal Plea of Guilty DWI--criminal charge?
I pled guilty to a DWI in Town & Country Municipal Court and received a "SIS". Does that count as a "criminal charge" if employment application asks about criminal charges?
Yes, but if the probation is over I would look at the question closely. If it asks if you have been convicted of a...
Consequences for a 3rd dwi with the first two off your record?
I was charged with a 3rd dwi that did result in an accident. No one was hurt and I did not first two offenses were dropped to carless and imprudent driving and from what I understand the officer is asking the judge to charge me with a misdemeanor charge as opposed to a felony. What is likely to happen as far as punishment? Also when applying for jobs do I need to check yes or no for a felony conviction?
You really need to hire an attorney as soon as possible. From the facts as you present them, you are not yet convicted...
Does a misdemeanor dui from 12 years ago have a statute of limitations
the party hasn't renewed their driver's license since this incident and hasn't been in any kind of criminal trouble during this time nor has this person received any further traffic violations during this time period. this person wasn't able to afford to comply with all of the requirements the judge ordered for this dui charge either because of financial hardship
You may want to rephrase your question. The statute of limitations is not in issue here if the person already plead...
What does it mean when the state files a motion "in limine" before a trial in a dui case?
From what i can gather ,the state is trying to supress evidence? What do you think they could be trying to supress in a dwi case?
In most, if not all, criminal trials, not matter the charges, both the defense and prosecution will file motions in...
I was arrested and got a ticket in st.louis modriving while intoxicated and upon my released my ticket was refused/dismissed why
can this charges be brought back up
Too many potential reasons to speculate. If it was a municipal ordinance violation the municipality will argue they...
A felony class C DWI charge in Missouri carries a mandatory 60 days imprisonment. Can the 60 be satisfied through house arrest?
DWI DUI Sentencing
The statute is silent on that. However, it is up to the discretion of the judge to do what he or she wants (as long as...