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Is it possible to get my DUI case dismissed or thrown out with a BAC level of exactly .08?
I am being charged with a DUI after being arrested and breathalyzed at exactly .08. I remember the events of the night in vivid detail and dont feel i was incapable of driving. I was pulled over a half mile away from home for not staying entirely in my lane. Although that was true, i was driving through an "s" turn and knowingly placed my left tires on the double yellow line to cut the corner by the slightest bit because there was no one in the oncoming lane (it was after 2:30 am) and therefore no one at risk by doing that. Its not as if I was veering back and forth uncontrollably. Apparently I failed the 3 tests though, was breathalyzed and arrested. I feel I most likely need a lawyer but am really looking for a very reasonable price for the representation.
When you say breathalyzed, I am assuming you mean on the side of the road. If you are referring to the breathalyzer at...
Who is the best possible attorney against PennDot?
I lost my license originally for 2.5 years but they claimed to never have received my ID and has made me wait now 4 years and still have another year.
There is no 'Best' possible attorney who handles Penn DOT matters. There are a lot of good attorneys who handle Traffic...
Is 60 day license suspension a default number when the ard approval comes in the mail?
I received my ard approval in the mail, it indicates a 60 day license suspension but as far as I know my BAC levels have not been determined. Is that standard and negotiable at the hearing date?
I recommend you talk with an experienced attorney for legal advice and guidance.
I got my 2nd DUI 3 months ago, I'm planning on moving to California in the next 6 months, will my DUI affect me moving?
Blew .088%, I live in PA now
If you have not yet resolved the 2nd DUI, it will not affect you moving; however, you will have to return for necessary...
I got my 2nd DUI and I need to get interlock in my car, what if I no longer have a car?
in PA
If you don't have a car then you will have to make that representation to the court on record under oath. If there...
Possibility of DUI expungement?
I received 2 DUI's in a relatively short time-frame approximately 15 months ago. Everything, including probation and fines, has been completed in good standing, so I'm no longer under any type of court supervision. My question comes because of the fact that I have 2 DUI convictions to my name. Since I was not eligible for ARD due to the second offense, I was not able to have that charge expunged. Is there any process, or any amount of time I have to wait, in order to petition the court to have either, or both, of my DUI convictions expunged? I certainly appreciate any and all help. Thank you!
If you received ARD for the first offense, and were able to complete ARD, you can have that charge expunged now. For...
I am 18 and got arrested for DUI because my car smelled like weed and I gave a positive blood test at the scene.
It has been two months and I have not heard anything. How long will it take to hear from the state of PA? Do some cases just go away? If I apply and get into ARD, will I be drug tested throughout the process?
Some police departments wait until they get the blood test results back from the state lab which can take some time....