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basically what im trying to get at will the judge sentence him for jail time if he doesnt have the 900 tomorrow morning or will they set him up with a payplan?
Courts will work out payment plans. If your friend does not follow thru, jail is a possibility.
MA- if I was originally charged with a 1st offense oui then it was dismissed and i was charged with an amended charge of 2nd offense OUI . ive never had a OUI ever. Can the 1st offense OUI be reinstated if the 2nd OUI is dropped?
Apparently, someone with your name, social security number or birthdate (or combo) has been charged with an OUI before....
I received a DWAI in the state of NY on my NY drivers license. I want to get my license transferred to MA, will MA be alerted of that offense? If so will I have to pay even more fees (please no!)? I had to pay 250/year as a driver responsibility fee for 3 years I have paid 2/3 of those fees. Trying to figure out what to do.
Yes, MA will be alerted to the offense. If you have any revocations or suspensions withdrawals in NY, MA will see it....
I read that in mass, even a CWOF adds 5 points to your record (major violation). Im buying a used car and need to update my policy where they will most likely see my CWOF. IF i wait till it is dismissed to renew my policy will they see it then?
Yes, they will see it when your policy is up for renewal. A CWOF and a Guilty are both 5 points and insurance companies...
he filled out all the paper work ( in january ) to have his support modified while in jail and we thought it was all set until he got a note from the mother saying she doesn't agree to it . what should we do ? she will try to do anything to make life more difficult and im afraid she might try to make me pay . and im struggling to pay all our bills . we also have a 13 year old ( not cheap ) who suffers from all this . seeing theres only a year left , she wont be able to try and take our home , will she ? help ! we don't know what shes capable of doing !
There are a couple basic answers to this question. First, just because another party does not agree to a modification...
I was convicted of a DUI in the state of FL in Dec 2009, I never got a hardship license because I had been driving on a TN license and TN wouldnt give me a clearance to get a hardship in FL. And I have not owned a vehicle since my conviction so I wouldnt have a vehicle install an IID in. My question is whether or not FL is going to reinstate my license I have done all required reinstatement things for both TN and FL and just waiting for them to go through. The other part of this is that I am living in MA and wont ever be going back to FL to get a license so will I be able to apply for a new license in MA if TN and FL do clear my record?? Also was told that in FL if you dont have a vehicle in your name for 2 years after your conviction the IID requirment expires is this true?
I am a Massachusetts lawyer and do not know the answer to your very last question regarding the IID requirement in...
Arrested for DUi trying to plead it down because i would like to become a fire fighter in the greater boston area. i am currently a CT resident and need to change my license to a MA one. I am wondering if when i go to the DMV if they will do a back ground check and suspend my license right away
If your license is currently suspended in Connecticut, you will probably not be able to acquire a new Massachusetts...