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I had it moved up to the grand jury court . What can I expect my charges to be ?
A DWI is committed if you operate a vehicle in a public place while intoxicated. There are not enough facts to give...
When I was pulled over I was honest with the cop about me taking my prescribe medication 10 mins b 4 he pulled me over. I have been taking this med for 8.5 yrs now. Do u think I will be fund guilty of DUI? I've never had a speeding ticket or anything and I had never been arrested b 4 either
It is not possible to predict the outcome from this set of facts. However, you can still be found guilty in TN for...
1st DUI offense, currently in the process of moving to TN
You could face a license revocation for a year but much depends upon the specific facts of your case. You may have...
the dui is the only charge he has and we have 2 kids together is their a possibility of getting his papers if I get a lawyer and go through the whole process I am an American citizen. and what can I expect in immigration court?
You need to hire an immigration lawyer in your area ASAP to review the ICE matter and defend the criminal matter.
He is a student at UTC, and offered to do a breath test, which came back positive at 0.08. We don't much money to spare for law expense and he thinks he will be fine with out one....we are trying to get "So Lo Contendre" ? Which is the best , right. We don't have any experience with the Law so are walking into this with out knowing much. Please help us. Thank you very much.
In Pennsylvania a first DUI is rather routine. There is not much to negotiate. Nonetheless I would want the advice of...
In 2009 I left Atlanta, moved home to Chatt and got a DUI. Satisfied Tenn then Georgia put a hold on license. I did everything but the interlock/waiver because it is not a law in Tenn. My judge does not know what to do, he says GA should not have me do any of these because I did not get in trouble there nor am trying to live there again. I have tried to ask numerous people and cannot get anywhere. I am a full time student with a 4.0 and if I cannot start driving I am going to have to quit school. I am truly miserable and overwhelmed with this situation and really need help in what to do or what direction to go with all of this. I am only wanting to rebuild my life again and instead feel trapped.
Dealing with a DL issue can be overwhelming. It often helps to get an attorney involved. You will need to clear up your...
She has minor injuries and scrapes but blames me because she can't remember last night. I would never purposely harm her. Could I be at fault?
You can be sued. There's typically an exclusion in renter's insurance policies for coverage when injuries are...