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How long does a PJC (for an underage drinking citation) stay on your record? Will it effect my ability to rent at an apartment?
I just recently applied to live with a roommate at an apartment community of her choice. I have lived in multiple apartments and never had issues with criminal checks. Needless to say I got denied and the denial stemmed from a bad mark on my record for a "consumption of alcohol underage" in 2007. I am 27 now and the property management is telling me they cannot approve me based of their rules/regulations of their 3rd party background check company passing a "fail" on the check. Shouldn't this PJC not show up on my record? And, how can an property management company hold that against me almost 10 years later?! Advice needed!
A PJC remains on your record indefinitely. We can debate wether a PJC is a conviction or not, but current law views it...
I have 2 DUI, 1 public intoxication and 1 open container conviction. Will these be bars to naturalization?
The last one of these was in 2004. I have been a LPR since 2006 and have not been in trouble with the law since. Will any of the above cause a problem when I apply for naturalization?
These convictions will not bar you from being able to naturalize, but might affect the immigration officer's discretion...
Can I get charged with DUI after the fact
I was driving with my headlights off, got pulled over, cop ask for my license/registration, came back and asked where I was heading and then told me to have a good night. Can I be charged with dui after the fact if the cop didn't perform and tests and reveal that he thought I was drunk. Just trying to figure out if he gave me a break or wasn't suspicious at all. Needless to say I have learned my lesson and will never be putting myself in this kind of situation again.
Without any hard evidence (such as field sobriety tests, a breathalyzer, or drawn blood) it would be difficult but not...
How long can you continue a DUI court case in North Carolina? Is there a chance of the case being dismissed?
- DUI was reported in Pitt County, NC - Occurred almost 5 years ago in 2010 - Assessment/community hours completed 3 years ago - 19 years old - Breath test was taken - Lawyer requested each continuance - No failure to appears
Ahh- the details I asked about earlier. Thank you for filling in the gaps. Your lawyer must have had a reason to...
How long can you continue a DUI court case in North Carolina? Is there a chance of the case being dismissed?
- DUI was reported in Pitt County, NC - Occurred almost 5 years ago in 2010
You can continue cases until the judge gets fed up with it and stops granting them. This case, however, is really old....
I was wrongfully terminated due to age, refusing to go to bars and become intoxicated with internal managers to be "hazed"......
I have pictures, recordings, emails with these and several other employment laws that were broken. I also had an accident on the premises, 30 minutes later after it was reported, I was terminated because I was not a "good fit". I was the only employee in my division "old and mature" as they discussed with me before and after my hire; and they told me they were tired of the young girls not being able to perform the duties and wanted to hire an old lady to be a "momma bear" to the department. Unfortunately, I accepted this position. I have had to endure a hostile workplace, sexual harassment, age comments and gestures, shunning, and a workerscomp accident that was denied. What can I do? This cannot go on in this company to someone else.
You should consult with an experienced employment attorney immediately. If you are over 40, and work for an employer...
I was charged with DUI , the charges were dismissed. Do I need any paperwork? My DL was NOT suspended. I Refused Blood test.
No, however you may choose to file for an expungement to remove the dismissed charge from your record.