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Someone said that after your third dui you get that the case for states that have this?
I am not aware of any state where the 3-strikes law applies to DUIs, at least not the 3 strikes and you get life. North...
I have moved out of state but had a DUI in nc 12 years ago I thought the lawyer I had took care of it I went to get my new license in the state I live in now and was told to call nc dmv and they said I had failure to appear in court charges I don't want to go to jail I need my license I have a son now and again I thought it was resolved but wasn't I need to know how to take care of this and let a lawyer look at my document records that nc dmv gave me and tell me what to do I don't have money for a lawyer straight out
You do need a lawyer to help you. Unfortunately, I don't think you can get a public defender until you have bonded or...
I was arrested yesterday for a DUI. I was standing at the gas pump filling my car when a police officer approached and said they had received a tip that a car matching my description was driving erratically. I asked if they had the right car, but complied with their instructions. I took their sobriety and breathalyzer tests and scored a .15. They towed and impounded my car, and held me in jail for two hours before releasing me. Reading the laws in NC, I see that an IID is required for all DUIs with a BAC of .15 or more. This was my first ever arrest, and first time being 'pulled over'. Additionally, I had not slept for at least 24 hours and I take two medications which may have further impacted my performance during the sobriety test. Is there a way to avoid installing an IID?
You should consult a DWI attorney immediately. Police must be able to Constitutionally justify stopping you and...
I entered a dui checkpoint it was 3 officers & no cars the first one past me on then when I rolled up to the second one he shine the light on me told me to stop but the last one was waiting on me (I kinda felt funny being the way he did it).I rolled my window down and automatically I felt convicted because he already told me to follow his flash light with my eyes then told me to get out my car while I was still in the lanes and told another officer to drive my car off. .was that right?
NC law requires at least one car have its blue lights flashing. There are other requirements, Constitutional and...
my friend has been charged with DWI, level 5. I think the consequences are 45 days license provoked and provisional license with breath analyze device installed in the car for one year. then after one year, you can go get full license. I want to know if he can just live without license for one year, go straight for the full license. that way he wont have to get the breath analyzing device, etc. thanks!
Unfortunately, no. If the .15 or higher gets reported back to DMV, one way or another they'll require the IID Ignition...
I have pending DUI case currently it is inactive stage .. I am coming back to USA after 7 month what can worst happen. I have bail bond and letter from my attorney .
Call your attorney ASAP. They'll be best able to answer your questions.
I was in an accident and charged with DUI without a field sobriety test. Blood alcohol was tested by blood test and 2 hours after by urinalysis. Both B.A.C.s were .067. I was still convicted. After release, I started probation and my paperwork says .08 as the B.A.C. Is this normal and can I fight it after release?
Were you convicted? Did you have a trial or did you plead guilty. I'm a bit baffled. Your BAC should be what it was...