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I got a drunk driving witha high bac the prosecuter dropped it to first offense i ped guilty.probation of course.
i only went to probatoin once i didnt do anything the judge ordered . i went to jail for a few days when he sentence. me. then i was picked up for not doing my community service and sat again. i had to move since and am no longer in michigan. i have missed a show cause hearing. how far can they come get me and can my charges change from misdemeanor?
Contact your attorney. David B. Snyder, Esq. 6876 Buckley Road Syracuse, NY 13212 315-451-3040 http://www....
Getting an interlock device removed from my vehicle
my son got a drunk driving and had a breathalizer placed on my car, he is going to jail for violating his probation and i want that thing off of my vehicle.
Ignition interlock devices are usually required for a specified period of time in vehicles either registered to the...
Can 3 prior drunk driving convictions in Michigan (1993, 1994, and 2002) be used to enhance new DUI charges to "Felony third"?
Prior charges pre-date establishment of Heidi's law.
My D/L has been revoked in Michigan since 1995. In the last 40 mos. I have been in AODA therapy & participated in a community
based support group .Remaining sober & reinstating my driving privileges are my # 1 priorities.I have been advised that my best chance of reinstatement would be to apply in Colorado. Please , can someone tell me if this advice is correct & what my obligations would require to be successful.
Speak with a Colorado attorney about this. In the past, Colorado would not require a clearance from Michigan, even...
OWI Forfeiture/Nuisance Abatement Trying to decide whether to pay $900 to have my vehicle released or to contest.2nd accusation.
This document says I can pay $900 or contest. The no brainer says I should contest. However, if I lose my OWI hearing, seems like I will also lose my car. I am very confident that I drank within the legal limit....but what if this...? what if that...? what if the judge...? what if the cop says...? Is this black and white? Either pay up or lose my case and my vehicle due to a 2nd possible OWI?
This is a situation where a direct consultation with qualified counsel will be of great assistance to you (and you're...
Michigan OWI. Refused breathilizer and blood test. Wrong driver's license # on search warrant for blood. Throw it out?
2 officers observed me perform dexterity sobriety texts, then 1 asked that I take the Breathilizer. I refused and was put in handcuffs. As 1 officer cuffed me, the observing officer proceeded to tell him it was the wrong thing to do (just thought that was interesting). I refused a blood draw, then asked to speak with my pastor (religious reasons) and lawyer beforehand. This was refused. A review of the search warrant for my blood reveals an incorrect driver's license number, an incorrect vehicle description (wrong color, which is funny considering I was stopped for being accused of running a red light) and a claim that I was advised my rights for a chemical test, NOT that I refused. If I never refused, why the need for a warrant? Just my thought.....
Refusal can be express or implied. Unfortunately many officers interpret nonresponsiveness or indecision as refusal....
Is their a limitation on this?
On march first 2013 i recieved a dui in michigan while on parole. Went to jail but was never arraighned. i served 38 days in a program and was placed on alchohol teather just fore the violation. Now over two years later and i have yet to be contacted. No warrents still to this day. am i all clear?
If there is no warrant let that sleeping dog lay.