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If I am convicted of a DWI with BAC of 0.16% in North Carolina but reside in South Carolina, will I have to have an interlock device installed on my car?
South Carolina drivers are required to get an interlock installed for all DUI convictions. So, yeah, almost certainly...
His trail keeps getting reset, but we have various places to go in the next few months, can he leave the state of SC? His bail was paid in full with cash, or credit, I forget which one though. But we did not use a bail bond
This is an excellent question for his defense counsel. He or she will know the restrictions placed on your friend by...
This is my first dui, i blew a 0.22 and was also charged with leaving the scene, ive not been able to get a clear answer on what is going to happen when i go to curt, i also can not afford a layer.
Borrow money, do whatever legal it takes, but get a lawyer. This is serious.
I have a dui case, and i do not have very much money to spend, but was wondering if lawyers will or could do something like monthly billing.
Yes, certainly. I do it often and I know other attorneys who do it as well.
He is also being held on a dus charge.
The bond is based on danger to the community and flight risk. DUI second offense is a "General sessions" level...
my license was suspended and I attended the adsap program where after completion I did get my license back. It still remains on my driving record its been almost 4 years now how do I get it completely removed from driving record and criminal record it was in the state of sc and its was my first offense
You need to consult a local criminal defense attorney regarding sealing/expunging your record. Each state has specific...
I enrolled in ADSAP for a DUI from 1993. Instead of education, I was placed in alcohol and drug treatment. I neither drink nor use drugs and haven't had any other substance use problems since the DUI 20 years ago. I was given a personal treatment plan to follow. I looked up the diagnosis and "justification for treatment" codes in the ICD-9 and the ASAM and found they were in direct opposition of what I had discussed with the counselor during my assessment. They are lies, and they are harmful to my reputation. They are some of the worst problems a person could have, and they qualify me for treatment rather than education. I can easily prove they are lies with documentation from my doctors. I need this program to get my license, but my record is permanent. Class is expensive, too.
I am a little confused by your question either you are saying (1) that you had a DUI in 1993 and are taking ADSAP...