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Will expired tags ticket affect license or dui court supervision?
I am on supervision for a dui (charge and no conviction). I will be done with the 2 years in July and have been in no trouble since then. Today I recieved a expired license plate tags ticket. I am up to date on everything, just need to finish my fines by July. Will this ticket affect my supervision?
An expired tag ticket shouldn't change anything. Many times courts will drop the ticket if you show proof that you...
My son got a dui on my atv. late last night the police seized it. and wont give it back i was unaware that he took it.
we have two houses one in town and one in the country . I was asleep at in town house and the atv was at the country home. i was unaware that he had taken it this is his third dui so he is in alot of trouble. the way it is. I just dont see how they can take my atv
The statute allows the arresting agency to seize a motorized vehicle used in the commission of the offense of DUI in...
If all fines are paid will they drop remaining community service?
I have over 300 hours of PSW remaining, however I plan on paying my fines completely off. I hope to move out of state by June. Will they require my community service hours to still be completed before moving?
Will the 300 hours PSW have to be completed. It is possible that the sentence may be modified to substitute something...
What is the best possible out come. Recieved 2 tickets suspended license and driving without a baiid device installed
Friend attempted suicide by slitting his wrist. Lost a lot of blood had to get 50 stitches I made a rash decision by driving no one else was available. Cops pulled me over no reason was given. Said they will not take me to jail because of the circumstances but had to give me some ticket they gave me a field sobriety I was completely sober what are the possible outcomes
There are facts missing here. However, if you received a ticket, you could be charged with BAIID violation. Please...
The breathalyzer info was not provided by the St. Police to see if the machine was calibrated correctly. Dismissal?
arreseted Jan 31. this will be my third appearance. I was not intoxicated and feel wrongly accused. Dont I have right to a fair and speedy tria;?
Yes you do. The State policeman can present evidence of the accuracy of the machine at the hearing. The judge...
First DUI in Illinois, is court supervision preferable to reduction to reckless driving?
Was pulled over for probable cause, no traffic violation. I did all the wrong things at the time of arrest, the PBT was .09. Failed FST, Hour later at the station, it's .14. I figure it will be very hard to beat. Could a motion to rescind be granted for the PBT being inaccurate due to use of an inhaler within 20 min. or so? As for DUI, is it better to try to get supervision for a first offense, or try to get it reduced to reckless driving?
There are many possible factors that go into choosing a strategy for DUI defense. In my opinion, hiring an experienced...
18 months into a 2 year DUI supervision. How will it show on background check for emplyment?
I am ON supervision for a DUI. I am 18 months into a two year supervision. Here is my question: Will this show on a background check for employment? And if so, how? I was told if I successfully complete it will not show as a conviction, but since I am still 6 months away from completion, how does it show?
If you were convicted, the the DUI will, or at least should, show up on a criminal background check. Who told you that...