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I know a friend who violated his probation by drinking a few beers a day before he was called in for a random egt test and tested positive. His lawyer got the judge to lift his bond and they increased his AA meetings and put on a scram bracelet. He goes to court in the beginning of next month but he was wondering how long he could possibly have the financial burden of paying for the scram?
Until the judge says so, until the probation is terminated, or until he gets incarcerated for violating his probation.
This Tuesday was my final court date in my first offenders program for merijuana possession and paraphanalia. The case was closed and the charges are to be expunged once the judge saw my drug screen results were negative. They are still sending the test to the lab for alchahol, which most likely cone back positive as they informed me it tests back 80 hours. When these results come back in about a week what am I looking at if they are positive
Alcohol itself will not be detected for 80 hours. If they run an ETG (ethyl glucuronide) test, it can go back that far,...
I will be moving out of state here in the next few days, and since my license is still valid up until near the end of this month I was curious. Would I legally be able to obtain a license out of state, and if so, would it stay valid or be suspended as well? Also, on the notice of suspension it has both FRA Suspension for 3 years and a Mandatory Suspension for 3 months. Does this mean the actual suspension is only 3 months and for the rest of the time I have to carry SR-22 insurance, or am I unable to drive the entire time?
You can try. So long as you are not under suspension when you apply for the license in another state you can legally...
Recently I went to renew my Ohio driver's license and to my surprised was told that PA has placed a block on my OH license for an incident that occured 22 years ago. The incident was under age drinking on a college campus. I paid all costs/fines at the time and left the university. However, PennDot is telling me now that my license should have been suspended and they show no record of any credits/time for this suspension. I'm not and have never had a PA driver's license. Also, previous 4+ times that I renewed my license never had a problem. Questions. 1. Can PA suspend my OH license? 2. What legal recourse do I have to get block removed? Thanks
Ohio does not have a suspension for conviction of underage consumption, I can't speak on PA laws. You should check...
i am asking what the average cost of a second dui within exactly 12 years i am charged in alliance muni court stark county ohio i blew a .14 and gave a urine sample i am drug free thank goodness will it be altogether around 2500 dollars with the 500 reinstatement fee included in this can a stark county attorney answer me in ohio
I'm not from the area and can't speak to local pricing, but in general with attorneys you get what you pay for. When...
and i pissed in a cup. the doctor said my pee was over the limit. a friend came to the hospital they released me. I never got a ticket, or anything from the police. went back and got my car and went home. So am i out of the woods?
Hard to say. Probably yes, but there is an outside chance someone might have made a police report on it, in which case...
Does the arrest date or conviction date determine the amount of time between DUI convictions. Asked 23 minutes ago - Springfield, OH DUI My last DUI was in Ohio on June 14, 2004. My current one happened on May 25th, 2014 and my first court date is July 22, 2014. My current case is in Maine where I believe ten years is the cut-off for considering past convictions during sentencing. So whether it is the arrest date or conviction date could make a big difference in what happens to me.
Time goes from the date of CONVICTION on the first offense until the date of the OFFENSE for the new one. So the two...