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I recently completed medical school but unfortunately got a DWI between graduation and applying for my medical license. I have informed my residency program; they are aware but have not rescinded their offer. Soon I will be applying for a trainee medical license. Will there be an issue? I have no other legal history.
It will be an "issue" but it won't be a disqualifier. They are going to ask you about it, and want to know what steps (...
After a DUI, my license was eligible for reinstatement 12/18/13. However, I did not realize the limited privilege license expired at that time. So I did not go get a permanent license from the NC DMV until 2/1/14. So in essence, I lost around 1.5 months of time credited with having IID on my car. Instead of getting it off sometime in mid-February, it will now be 3/29/14. I have all paperwork showing payments from the interlock company proving I had it installed and had readings from service appointments. Can I appeal to have these “lost” months reinstated? Thank you.
Probably not. Due to the way the regulations are written, a person must spend a year driving subject to interlock with...
Approximately 1.5 yrs ago I was convicted of a DWAI in New York State (DWAI BAC under .07, a traffic violation as opposed to a misdemeanor). I have just moved to NC and will be transferring my license shortly. I understand that most states share information with a license transfer, however there is no statute for DWAI in NC. Only the greater charge of DWI. I really am scared that through the transfer the NC DMV will up-charge me to a DWI. I spent a lot of time and money ensuring that I was not convicted of a DWI. Can someone please give me some insight into this / whether I have any recourse if they do list my conviction as a DWI? Thank you
When you refer to convictions "transferring" you are essentially talking about the Interstate Compact which links of...
The assessment is not shared with employers or licensing boards?
A DWI assessment is used by the Court to determine sentencing and/or treatment options. Technically, it's not required...
I keep getting tickets for driving while license revoked by a cop every day. Will they all get consolidated into one in court?
You have not told us if your license is actually revoked.
I got a DUI in NC in May of 2010. I was ordered to not drive for a year and then to have an interlock device put on my car for a year. I had to sell my car to pay my lawyer and never got an interlock device, I just stopped driving. Since it is past the period that I would have had the device, if I go to get a license now do I still need to get the interlock? Is there any way to fight this? I need a valid license for a job I'm applying to but still won't have a car.
Yesw, you need the interlock. You are saying if I just ignore it, it will go away. Get a clue.
Came to a complete stop at an intersection, i was drunk at the time, but did for a fact come to a complete stop. Called officer to the scene for accident report, otheer driver wanted to make an agreement which i didn't agree to because she was without license. The officer refused to give an accident report because i was drunk. I didn't get charged with dui. The officer said not only do i have to pay for the damages to my own vehicle but to the person who hit me. Is this legal, is this officer operating inside the law? Am i stuck with paying for both vehicles.
Since you have not provided us with any details about what actually happened, it is not possible to answer your...