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I am charged with a1 and a3 dui was caught at .047 simplest degree and under the influence of marijuana. I am curious that if I get convicted of both at court if they will count them together as my "First" dui infraction in the system of if the a1 will be my first and then a3 be my second making me at "Two" dui's. If it is the first then would both be the same price? and if the count one as the second would that make one of them more expensive than the other?
Arizona has a number of DUI statutes that a person can be charged with; in your case, the officer charged you with two -...
I ended up getting a dui in chandler az on dec 29 2013. I spoke to a lawyer recently and he say's no it counts as a 1st offense since its over 84 months.
It is a first offense. And, as I am certain you are aware, any conviction for any moving violation will substantially...
I got a dui with my kids in 2001.. then 3 here months later got another one ..its been 12 years..can they be sealed.?
Whether records can be sealed is within the discretion of the trial court. I am not aware of any special circumstances...
There was a camera in DUI van, pictures were taken of my injuries and I went to VA ER as soon as I could for examination&documentation. I have a public defender and she stated that she will only make sure I have a fair trial & that the jury hates DUi, so isn't that already saying that Im going to have an unfair trial and that the jury is already bias. I never made any physical or threating movement. Im an (Iraq) US VET.
Maybe it's time to get a private lawyer and fight this a different way.
Husband arrested for aggravated DUI, cited and released. No court date set yet. I want a divorce but I am worried about his parental rights.
Get custody of who?
I completed 4 days of work release sentenced then failed to return. OSC hearing has been set for oct. 25,2013, but no warrant was issued for not returning to work release, why? . What can I expect in court friday. scottsdale city court.
The consequences here could vary. You could be taken into custody, told to report to jail on a certain date, or the...
ive in az i was pulled 14 months ago for DUI no charges were ever filed at the time how long does the state of az have to pre
In the State of Arizona there is no set time that the State must file charges. For many different reasons they may...