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All jail time been served, all classes and hearings been done, all that is left is paying for the fine. is it leagal to move out of state without the fine being paid in full?
yes it its 100 percent legal to move. If you're on formal probation, however, you'll need prior court approval.
Entered the US when I was 9 yrs old illegally. At the age of 23 I made a mistake and was caught drinking and driving. Still battling w/ Extreme DUI charges in the state of Arizona, case still not finished. When i was arrested i was turned over to ICE but released BC I had no criminal record. I am now in removal proceedings. Would marrying my girlfriend of a year help with my case?
Help? Yes. Solve your problems? No. Do you need a lawyer? YES!!!
Missed court date and never got summons..will they come to my job?
If you have an active warrant as a result of your failure to appear, the police most certainly can come to your job and...
Thay took my blood an I had weed an coke in me syitsom from the night befor what do I do
You should either retain an attorney or request court-appointed counsel when you get to the courthouse.
None of my medications with the exception of my sleeping pill (which I do not take during the day) can cause driving problems. How do I fight this charge?
There are two basic DUI charges in Arizona. One is driving with an illegal or non-prescribed drug in your system. You...
I rear ended someone going 20-30 MPH while intoxicated, received a Super Extreme DUI .2 or above. I don't know if I caused injury, but I definitely caused vehicle damage. What kind of penalities am I facing, prison time? I have prior DUI's, but they are over 9 years ago.
Your question is misclassified under "Personal Injury". I will reclassify it so that DUI attorneys can offer advice.
Meaning, if the person had minor injuries, can the prosecutor add "DUI with injury" at the first court date onto the charges, or am I only charged with what's on my ticket I received from the officer? If they can, what constitutes "injury", as I hear that raises the penalties quite a bit.
Yes - the state can add or subtract charges at the beginning of a case. The type of injuries determines whether...