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  • Greenwich's 'Black Houdini' back in custody

    Friday Jan 16 | via Connecticut Post 

    Bryan Francois, 21, who dubbed himself the "Black Houdini" after escaping from police custody outside his Cos Cob home last week, was arrested Monday in a Chadbourn, N.C., hotel and soon will be heading back to Connecticut, according to Greenwich police. "Mr. Francois is a longtime Greenwich resident who has made a few bad choices, the most recent of which was deciding to flee rather than face the charges, exacerbating the bad situation that he was in to begin with," said Greenwich Police Lt.


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I have gone by her office twice with no success......I understand the importance of meeting with her but lately things have just been tight.
You need to meet with her or you will go to jail. Any failure to meet the requirements of probation, whether your...
I have 2 dwi and one pending the results of a blood test
You need to meet with her or you will go to jail. Any failure to meet the requirements of probation, whether your...
Two misdameners
If you are on unsupervised probation then there really is not anyone actively checking to see that you stay out of...
Officer stopped me because of expired tags, I was not speeding or driving eradicatly
I am not licensed in North Carolina, but the stop for expired tags is very common and often easy to show as improbable....
I was arrested on April 19th 2014 and I still have not received a court date. I've also called the Central Violations Bureau and they don't seem to have any information about my charge. I've already been discharged from the Army, Under Honorable Conditions and was wondering if I could also upgrade my discharge if this incident never comes to fruition. Thank you for your time!
Typically the statute of limitations for a misdemeanor is one year.
Helo the last story i made was mesed up so here we go again I drank bout 4 beer and one shot on the night of December 28th, At 2 am i start heading home from the bar with my buddy and as we came across the McCdonalds we decided to stop nd go in and eat well i parked my car in the parkin lot and started looking for my wallet, it fell between the seats of the car. So i was there for about 10-15 mins and finaly found it and started to get out of the car and as i got out i hear someone yelling lic. and registration so i freaked out and dropped my wallet to the ground.. He didnt make me preform any test just blow and took me in at 2:33am and made me blow at 4 am and error on machine so wrote refused on ticket but took my blood draw at 5 am and charg me wit civil distrubance dwi!! smh!!
You should consult with an experienced DUI/DWI attorney to represent you.
I had my license taken away from a DWI I was charged with in October and my charge was dismissed by the state. What steps should I take to get my license back?
If it was dismissed there are no suspensions. It sounds like you never paid the civil revocation fee of $100 that...