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I approached a road block, odor was smelled but nothing was found. Field sobriety has no physical evidence of impairment. I honestly am innocent and was not impaired while driving! I frequently smoke marijuana and am curious if that possibly has any factor in my blood test results or in the actual impairment level. I basically just want to know if I have a good chance to be found not guilty or not?
Absolutely! That's a very low amount. Bases on the facts you gave you certainly have a chance at being found not...
I was convicted of a D.U.I in 2008 in Cobb County Georgia, no accident involved or anything like that but I am currently searching for employment, and I am honest about this on all my applications and I'm pretty sure it is affecting my ability to obtain employment. I met all the requirements made by the court and have not been in any trouble since. Is there anyway to get this off my record or keep it from showing up on background checks. I don't think it is fair that one mistake is making it impossible for me to find employment.
Sorry, but you cannot get a conviction removed from your criminal history.
I had one drank, went to the store, I came back home the police was there for something else but, arrested , me for a dui after getting out of my car. they were standing on the porch I walk to my door and the police said he smell alcohol and arrested me. He never followed me home, they were already at my home for something else not because I had a drank this took place in Georgia.
The police can arrest you for anything. The real question is whether the State can prove the allegations. It sounds...
I have had my first dwi charge in the past for which i was on probation for a number of years.
A second DUI in a five year period carries a minimum of 72 hours in jail, but most prosecutors go for 10 to 30 days in...
I am a 60 year old woman who needs to have my license reinstated but can not afford the expense. I live with my daughter who is a single parent of 2 children. She works everyday and has a lot of running around her own self with her children and errands she has to do. After my 2nd DUI 08/18/2011 I completed the Risk Reduction Class... Did the clinical treatment class... Did my court ordered time for community service...and do not have any other traffic violations. I have waited over 4 years to try and reinstate my license just to find out I have to do all of this again. How can I get these expenses wavered?
It may not be possible. Otherwise, as I'm sure you'll understand, there would be no cost to DUI and folks would...
One was on Federal property and a wreck was involved. There was never any evidence that said I had been drinking but I was convicted anyway I hadn't been drinking but I am tired of trying to convence people to that fact; the cause of the accident was deer. The second in 2010 was on a moped- not on a major road- in which case I was drunk. This DUI charge in 2015 was Dui less safe alcohol and dui less safe marjuana in which I had not smoked despite the charge. What am I to do? Both DUI charges in 2010 were reduced to reckless driving. This charge of DUI in 2015 is still pending.
Prior CHARGES of DUI are not admissible unless you were convicted.
My Dad was charged with DUI. There were no witnesses, and not even the cop saw what happened. My Dad was off the road, his scooter fell into a ditch, and he was trying to lift it out . A cop pulled up and did not see anything that happened. My Dad told the cop he was riding the bike and crashed into the ditch, and had a little to drink. Then the cop gave him a breath test and he failed. Is there any way to get my Dad's testimony thrown out, since it may not have been credible due to diminished capacity from alcohol consumption? The cop did not even see him riding, there is no other evidence except for my Dad's drunken testimony.
Based on the facts you provided, i think there is circumstantial evidence that your dad was driving the scooter,...