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I am worried that I will get points on my lisence and could affect my cdl. I took the fault it was my girlfriends beer. An I said it was mine because I thought she would go to jail. What should I do in this case. Do you think it will make my insurance go up if I get points on lisence. Should I tell them it was my girlfriends because I can't have this on me.
Open intox in a motor vehicle is a misdemeanor that carries no points but it could have an impact on your CDL. I urge...
has not been in trouble with the law. has a full time job.
You have not asked a question. Your son should retain an attorney immediately.
I completed my probation, AA meetings, out-patient treatment centers, and I do not drink any alcohol any more.
Contact the licensing agency and see what requirements, if any, you have left to complete. They should be able to give...
I was arrest for my first OWI and PAC in Wisconsin. I have a Michigan CDL (I was in a retal car at the time). If I am found guilty, how does what the court orders in Wisconsin play into Michigan with respect to IID, revocation, points issued to license. I have a Wisconsin lawyer, do I need a Michigan laywer as well? Thank you for your time.
If you are convicted in Wisconsin, that conviction will go onto your record in Michigan. You will lose your CDL. The...
I was arrest for my first OWI / PAC in Tomah , WI . The second office that showed up talked to the gentleman in the passenger seat and told him three separate times to " just drive the car back to our hotel " my friend had been drinking and refused . My friend walked about 1 1 / 2 back to our hotel . The officer did not offer him a ride or to get him a cab . This was in February at 1100 PM . When asked , the officer would not tell my friend where I was being taken . The officer stated that I would not be release for 24 hours and it would cost $ 800 to get me out of jail . Both of these were untrue . Is this entrapment ? Any idea of the officer's intent may have been . Could it have any value on my case . Thank you for your input .
It is possible that the officer was trying to engineer another drunk driving arrest (of your friend), but probably not....
I was arrest for my first OWI and PAC of + . 15 ( . 17 ) in Wisconsin . I have a MIchigan CDL ( I was in a rental car ) . If I am found guilty how does what the court orders in Wisconsin play into Michigan with respect to IID , revocation , points issued to license . I have a Wisconsin layer , do I need a Michigan one as well . Thank you for your time .
You should not need a MI lawyer, in my opinion. The WI lawyer may be able to assist you with regards to what will...
I live in Southeast Michigan and there are two AA meetings I used to attend, that I really liked in Toledo 4 miles and 5 miles respectively south into Ohio from Michigan. Does Ohio recognize a Michigan Restricted License en route to and from these meetings should I go to them? I tried calling the Michigan SOS.... they didn't know and I can't find an answer after an extensive Internet search Thank you
Probably but why not call te Ohio Secretary of State?