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has not been in trouble with the law. has a full time job.
You have not asked a question. Your son should retain an attorney immediately.
I completed my probation, AA meetings, out-patient treatment centers, and I do not drink any alcohol any more.
Contact the licensing agency and see what requirements, if any, you have left to complete. They should be able to give...
I was arrest for my first OWI and PAC in Wisconsin. I have a Michigan CDL (I was in a retal car at the time). If I am found guilty, how does what the court orders in Wisconsin play into Michigan with respect to IID, revocation, points issued to license. I have a Wisconsin lawyer, do I need a Michigan laywer as well? Thank you for your time.
If you are convicted in Wisconsin, that conviction will go onto your record in Michigan. You will lose your CDL. The...
I was arrest for my first OWI / PAC in Tomah , WI . The second office that showed up talked to the gentleman in the passenger seat and told him three separate times to " just drive the car back to our hotel " my friend had been drinking and refused . My friend walked about 1 1 / 2 back to our hotel . The officer did not offer him a ride or to get him a cab . This was in February at 1100 PM . When asked , the officer would not tell my friend where I was being taken . The officer stated that I would not be release for 24 hours and it would cost $ 800 to get me out of jail . Both of these were untrue . Is this entrapment ? Any idea of the officer's intent may have been . Could it have any value on my case . Thank you for your input .
It is possible that the officer was trying to engineer another drunk driving arrest (of your friend), but probably not....
I was arrest for my first OWI and PAC of + . 15 ( . 17 ) in Wisconsin . I have a MIchigan CDL ( I was in a rental car ) . If I am found guilty how does what the court orders in Wisconsin play into Michigan with respect to IID , revocation , points issued to license . I have a Wisconsin layer , do I need a Michigan one as well . Thank you for your time .
You should not need a MI lawyer, in my opinion. The WI lawyer may be able to assist you with regards to what will...
So it was 6 in morning was getting a ride in my car, driver pulled over and left, I got out and sat in front seat with girlfriend...middle of winter in U.P. of Michigan...it was cold!!! I left car on and passed out...woke up to cops and EMS making me do tests and stuff...told them I wasn't even driving but charged me wit DUI 2nd. They offered to drop the Driving while License Suspended for a plea to 2nd DUI...horrible deal...Trial is may 13th and I heard there was some kind of shelter laws for situations like this? Seriously thinking trial, have gone before not my first rodeo...I'm thinking about going to rehab to maybe offset some jail time I might be given if I lose and to fulfill some of the rehabilitation requirements...Please I need some advice about this situation...THANKS A LOT!
Rehab is a good idea. Get the best DUI attorney that you can afford. May 13 is just around the corner. It will take...
I was arrested over 2 years ago for a DUI, and the case is still pending. I am searching for a new lawyer and should be going to trial within 2 months. I paid my attorney a good amount of money as a flat rate to include everything up til trial, with the agreement that if the case goes to trial, another flat rate would be paid. We were able to suppress a lot of key evidence, including all of my statements and the breathalyzer. The prosecution offered a plea bargain (careless driving), and I refused, because I have a very strong case that might actually win at trial. My attorney thought I should take the plea, and asked to be removed from my case (which the judge granted). It this reasonable and normal, or a violation of ethics?
Yes an attorney can move to withdraw at any time and if the judge allows it, which in your case they did. Are you...