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I admittedly was drunk when I hitched a ride with my friend to another friend's place where I would reside for the night. We were following behind the aforementioned friend where my driver ran a red light. Shortly after we were pulled over (I in the passenger seat) about 3 blocks from our destination. My friend was asked a series of questions and then arrested for running a red light and "being rude to the officer". I was communicating with the officer and she told me that I may walk to my friend's place but that changed when her lieutenant arrived. I was given a field sobriety test and then arrested. I had given the officer the address of my friend's house a couple of times letting her know the proximity of the destination but it was to no avail. Neither of us were read our rights. Help?
These are common and defendable circumstances. Hire a lawyer to represent you. You will be glad you did. Do not...
This is for job interviews with background checks conducted
No I don't believe this is an option for you. Available for deferred adjudication.
What strikes me as even more odd, is that the arrest doesn't show up on a background check. Since he arrest, I got myself back together and got a great job with a fortune 500 company in the DFW. They performed a detailed background check and nothing of this second charge was ever mentioned. Is this common?
That's not very normal. If you had consulted with a criminal defense lawyer shortly before, during, or after the arrest...
After being charged with DWI in Dallas, TX, I relocated to CA for work (I maintain residences in both states). I have already served a six month ALR suspension. I am looking to make a plea agreement which would result in a conviction on my record. Will my TX license be suspended again? How difficult would it be to reinstate? Would it be better to obtain a CA license before making the plea? Would my CA license be suspended in this event? What would the process be to reinstate it?
If this is your first DWI you will not have an additional suspend ouch you plead to probation. So you would have no...
2/DUI MANSLAUGHTER, DUI seriously body injury, previous lawyer told inmate to plea Non guilty in case and also Not to mentioned that the victims who died on the scene had alcohol in their blood during accident to show respect to the family of victims, inmate has been in correctional since 2004 sentenced to life, is there anyway to help inmate to reduce sentence ?
There are some post-conviction mechanisms to reduce a sentence, however it is extremely fact intensive and depends on...
I got a DWI in March 2012. My car was impounded and sold. I went to a 6 mth treatment before conviction in Nov 2012. I’m on probation and at the time of conviction the judge had hand-written on the trial docket form that my DL was to be suspended for 2 years. That did not make it to the final conviction/conditions of probation. Also I was ordered to put an ignition interlock on my car but since I was in treatment and did not own a car at the time the judge wrote an order for the interlock to be removed. My DL is “Eligible” status with no compliance requirements. At the time of conviction since I did not own a car, the judge ordered, as a condition of probation, I have an In-hom breathalyzer. Now March 2014 and I recently bought a car and had a interlock installed because that is in the conditions of probation. My probation officer sent my file back to court to ask if I can return/remove the in in-hom device. Since the court will be going through the file they will see that the judge did hand write on the trial docket form the DL suspension but was not sent to the TXDPS. Can they go back and add that after the conviction is finalized?
Yes, but the amount of time should be from when the judgment was entered in 11/2012
Obstruction is still a Class B Misdemeanor and you can't expunge, right? You can only have sealed. Let's say that one day, I decide I want to be a parole officer and I can't have any Class B Misdemeanor convictions. I would be screwed, right? Or, would it show that I wasn't convicted? My lawyer and I talked about this, but I wouldn't want to take a plea. That would be me admitting guilt when I don't think I'm guilty of anything.
No attorney can competently advise you to plea guilty on a charge without reviewing the evidence of your case.