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a 7500 $ bail I have lupus and in my pee what only what i was supposed to have can they still give me a DUI. That day i was tired and people with lulus are very tired all the time. I am 50 with no criminal record or dui's I have been disabled for 10 years and driven fine I am a student in school and need my liscence to go to my doctors appointments and college. I was legally prescrobed my med's and they found no alcohol or illegal drugs in my system so can i fight the DUI it will ruin my life wha s left of it and my record? Please help
You can be charged with DUI in Utah for prescription drugs that you are legally taking, and the charge is just as...
DUI in the state of Utah?
I was in Utah for the weekend and I had gotten pulled over for speeding in the process I told the police that i did have some marijuana with me . I do have a medical card for my condition from California state. And it is illegal to carry the marijuana with me in the state of Utah. I did get tested to see if I was sober and I did not pass even though i was not under the influence the police did not make there decision until they took my blood test, and I had told them that I was not smoking in this state of Utah. I was charged with a possession and a DUI but that was after they took my blood test that they found thc ofcourse they were because I am a regular smoker. But when they took the breathalizer it was a 0.0 nothing. What can I do?
It is always difficult to answer the question "what can I do" in a criminal case since your recollection of the events...
How many times can the state fail to file in time on a dui case
District attorney failed to file in time. The judge closed the case and was told to call back for the 3rd time now to see if they will file
You need to talk to a local attorney. This is a specific question. Search for a local attorney, here on avvo.com....
My daughter's dad, has a drinking problem. I do not want him driving with her, especially if he has had a DUI, or suspended DL
I turned him in, when he picked her up, and looked and smelled intoxicated.
It is good you are concerned for your daughter's safety. Do you have a question to ask?
I just received a withheld judgement for DUI in Idaho. I have a Utah driver license.
Once the DUI is dismissed in Idaho after successful 1 yr probation, will Utah still require the installation of an interlock device for 18 months?
Good question. I think it will, but take my answer with a grain of salt because I am not licensed to practice law in...
Dui about 9yrs ago pled guilty was to do classes, pay fees i didnt now live out of state want to fix it from where i live, how?
i was 19 when i got the under age dui in riverside california, i am now 28 and live in utah i had payed and enrolled in the classes but did not show up and only did 2 of i think 7 days of community service the judge reinstated me 3 times as i failed to complete my requierments how can i fix this???
Contact a ca lawyer, complete everything again or show proof of completion.
How should we plea at arraignment for alcohol ticket?
My 19-year old daughter was pulled over for drinking and blew under the legal limit, but she was attested by the officer because she was underage. This is her first time she has even been in trouble. The officer gave her an alcohol restricted driver ticket (under age drinking ticket) and she had her driver's licence taken away immediately. The State of Utah is hold her license for 6 months. How should she plea at her arraignment? I read that she may lose her license for one full year if she pleas in abeyance.
Don't treat this as a DIY project like building a birdhouse at Home Depot. There's a lot on the line. At a minimum,...