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  • Number of homegrown terrorists is rising

    Saturday Jan 17 | via USA Today 

    Number of homegrown terrorists is rising Though numbers are still small overall, authorities have seen a big increase since 2009. Check out this story on CINCINNATI - We are far from knowing the outcome of the case against Christopher Cornell, the young local man accused of plotting an attack on the U.S. Capitol, but if he is convicted, he would be added to a growing list of homegrown jihadist terrorists .


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Ex husband plead guilty to a DUI last week. He refuses to tell me if he can legally drive right now. From what I have read his license is probably revoked since this is his second offense, but he claims the first was not a conviction and he is driving legally. He drives our kids to practices and our pick up spot and I would prefer that he let me handle transportation if he has no license, but he refuses. I don't want our kids put in a situation where dad is getting arrested if he gets pulled over for a tail light being out on the way to practice. Thoughts?
You can look up the disposition here: If he was...
Probation violation on Second dui
If convicted, then additional time possible, Boston of last probation, more points, license revocation are all possible....
On Jan 15 I was pulled over I panicked and ate less than a gram of bud the officer saw it and told me to spit it out. He didn't arrest me or anything. He just said said I will have a court date in the mail. How should I go about this? I don't have anything on my record at all and I have a state job. He didn't tell me what I was charged with either
When you receive your citation in the mail, contact a criminal defense attorney. Most offer free consultations. A...
failed to appear for initial hearing for my 2nd dui/dwi case. 1st dui/dwi i received pbj, alcohol education, etc. what can I expect this time
It depends on several factors, including how old your prior dui is, whether the present incident involved an accident,...
I'm looking at a conviction for a 2nd DUI in 8 yrs with a NY license while driving in NJ (first was in NY). Since the case started, I've moved down to MD for work. I'm wondering how this will play out if I'm convicted in the following cases: 1) If I keep my NY license, I would be suspended soon after a conviction and be unable to apply to MD for a hardship license. Would I be able to apply to NYS for a hardship license to allow me to commute in MD? 2) If I move to a MD license before conviction, would I be looking at any actions or holds from NY (since that was the licensing state at the time of the incident)? I would welcome any suggestions as to how best to proceed here.
If your license was valid in NY and the conviction in NJ is the equivalent of a DWI unclassified misdemeanor in NY,...
he says he only remembers bits and pieces, he was at a party.Next morning when he contacted the towing company regarding what had happened; he was told a case against him for GTA and trespassing was filed. the guy also said if he comes and pays the fees the charges will be dropped. He went there to pay the fee and he did. after that he was to get out of there and police will deal with him. he cannot drive around in the car anymore. what might we need to do
Contact a criminal defense attorney. The details of your story are choppy, but he may be able to come out of this...
For example, could a lawyer put up flyers, hand out business cards to students on campus without first getting permission from the school?
The lawyer would be wise to have permission from the school first.