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Is a DUI conviction within 5 years of a PBJ sentenced as a first or second offense?
Ex husband plead guilty to a DUI last week. He refuses to tell me if he can legally drive right now. From what I have read his license is probably revoked since this is his second offense, but he claims the first was not a conviction and he is driving legally. He drives our kids to practices and our pick up spot and I would prefer that he let me handle transportation if he has no license, but he refuses. I don't want our kids put in a situation where dad is getting arrested if he gets pulled over for a tail light being out on the way to practice. Thoughts?
You can look up the disposition here: If he was...
Second dui just got caught driving wat could happen. Had 11months on probayion did 3 weekends in jail now wat.
Probation violation on Second dui
If convicted, then additional time possible, Boston of last probation, more points, license revocation are all possible....
How much will Dui under controlled substance charge (not conviction) hurt employment opportunities until it's expunged.
I do qualify for a diversion program in Pa but I have to wait a while before it is expunged. My question is how much do you think the charge will affect me being hired until that day come? BTW I do have a bachelor's degree. Will an employ et overlook a charge because of my education and skill?
This isn't a criminal defense question. It isn't even really an employment law question. It's really a social question....
If I have a warrant case for a traffic case from 9 years ago, will I have a problem at customs if taking a trip to Europe?
Had a DUI, got probation before judgement, ordered to take alcohol classes (completed) but missed meeting probation officer.
Yes you probably will. You need to clear up the warrant first. If you get detained at customs, you will be in custody...
Will a DUI prevent me from being hired in a job with a company vehicle?
I had a DUI back in 2003, and was just recently pulled over for another last week. I have been in the process of going after a new job in sales, with a company vehicle. They have already told me I have the job, a background check was done prior to the most recent DUI, and a psychological evaluation was taken. I am waiting to take a physical and drug test before they make the "official" offer. Am I out of luck to get this job now? I haven't mentioned anything to the employer yet, and wasn't sure if I should or shouldn't. I really need this job, and I am scared that I ruined everything that was lined up.
Before you tell your employer, you should speak with an attorney and see what your options are. You may have legal and...
I'm on parole got 2 driving on suspended license the last oneach got 5000 bail
Is that a violations of my parole I have a attorney
Can you clarify your question? I am guessing your asking if getting a misdemeanor charge while on parole is a...
In maryland can you hide court information on case search for a dui probation before judgement?
I got a dui 4 years ago and completed my 3 year probation. I understand that there is no expungement of dui's in maryland, but I saw that in certain circumstances you can have court information removed from the maryland case search website. Would this be possible, and if accomplished would employers have any way of knowing about My pbj?
Pursuant to the expungement statute, you may not.