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Am I required to put an interlock on all my cars or just the one I plan on driving?
My wife does not want me to put an interlock on her car. However the car is registered in both our names and I don't plan on driving it. What should we do?
You must install an interlock device on all vehicles that are titled in your name. Sorry I don't have better news...
I had a DUI in California over 10 years ago. Will it show up as a prior and count against me in Colorado?
Refused Field and BAC Test. Appearance Bond has wrong name.
So long as your California DUI shows up on either your criminal record as a conviction or on your CA driving record, it...
Will a DUI conviction over 10 years ago in California be regarded as a prior in Colorado?
Thank you.
Unfortunately, yes. Any DUI or DWAI committed after July 1, 2010 with a prior DUI or DWAI offense in a lifetime will...
Does the BAC level affect how long i would go to jail for a DUI?
second DUI last one was 7 years ago
On a second offernse, you face a mandatory minimum of 10 days. The BAC does not change the minimum sentence but it...
I got a DUI charge after being ran off the road by deer in Colorado and was stopped walking to a phone, Can i be easily convicte
I was walking to a gas station to get a tow for my car when I guess someone called the police as they had seen me walking and the cops came and stopped me. I later told them that I had gotten ran off the road by some deer and was looking to get to a phone since my cell phone was dead, I did not admit to have drinking during the incident or before,. My car was close to a mile away from where I was stopped and my car was locked, but keys in my pocket. There is also no way my engine was warm when the cops got to my car to get it towed. Does it seem like I may have a case? Please help with any advice or suggestions.
It is difficult to tell from your description alone. You should retain a DUI attorney. You may need to request a...
Does New Hanover County North Carolina probation do ETG testing ?
I want to transfer my probation from Colorado to North Carolina.I am not required to do anymore testing in Colorado. Will New Hanover probation make me start over and do ETG testing if I move there ?
You should post this under NC, not CO.
Will a first offense MIP in Colorado cause license suspension?
I recently got an MIP in Littleton, Colorado. It's my first offense. Will anything happen to my drivers license since this is my first offense or will I just have to do alcohol classes and/or community service?
While technically the DMV can revoke your license for a period of three months for a first MIP conviction, this is...