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Does the aa sheets have to be recent? Or can they be from a few years back?
Had two dui's an haven't had a license for over 6years. Weny over 1.6 years without drinking, have one every once in a while now.
It depends what you need the sheets for. If you got a 3rd OWI, you could be looking at a felony and serious jail time....
1st time offense OWI. If a lawyer isn't obtained what's the best a person could be sentence for.
.09 causing accident. Blood draw unkown result. No refusal
Your question and statement of facts does not necessarily give an attorney enough information to tell you what the best...
If someone has a michigan license. And was in texas and got stop for a dui. Can texas take the michigan license. Away
Can texas take it away and not give it back
Yes, of course Texas can. This happens all the time.
Im trying to get my revoked licence has been almost 4 years since i lost it for a second dui offence.
I want to know what exactly i need to do to get it back besides a 10-panel drug test
The most important thing for you to understand about driver license restoration hearings is that if you lose, you...
Can the state of Michigan use an owi from Wisconsin, IL to make you have a third owi in Michigan as a felony?
I paid off the fines and fees in Wisconsin, IL in Feb.
Yes. An out-of-state conviction counts as a prior conviction under Michigan law as long as the out-of-state law is...
Can a deferred judgement for a DUI prevent me from obtaining a driving position?
I received a deferred judgement in 2013 for a DUI. I have completed all of the terms that were requested and it does show up as being deferred. I am trying to apply for a position within my company and they're telling me that I cannot have a DUI on my record that is within 3 years to be eligible. The 3 years will be in August of 2016. Since this was deferred and all the terms have been completed can they bar me from this position?
I am not sure if you can obtain the employment you seek; however, I also am confused with your question. When you use...
Should I attempt to reduce sentence?
I got pulled over in novi, MI. For speeding/dwls (1st offense), A few days later I got a owi(3rd). Well when I got sentenced for the 1st offense dwls they gave a recommendation of 2 years of probation and 5 days in jail. Well I tried to plea, and I got 1 year probation, 12 weeks counseling, a black box in my car, Testing on a driving simulator, 50 hours of community service, and I ended up paying $1350 in fines/fees. when I got sentenced for my owi I got into a sobriety court program, that allows me to have a restricted license and extensive probation ( weekly therapy, work program, AA, meetings with judge and probation officer ). My question is... Since I'm doing all of this stuff for my sobriety court, should I try and get my overkill sentence reduced for the DWLS?
Are they in the same District Court? If so, you may have a decent chance of getting the two probations "consolidated,"...