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I received a request for explanation from S.O.S. "Five or more unsuccessful attempts to start the vehicle within 24 hours."
After 1 YR. 6 MO. with an intoxalock in my car, I got it removed today. I am going tomorrow to get my license. I had two violations which should explain the 6 month extension. I received a request for explanation 4 days ago. It states as follows: "Five or more unsuccessful attempts to start the vehicle within 24 hours." 1:18pm RETEST PASSED .031 FAIL, 2:01pm RETEST PASSED .038 FAIL, 2:19pm RETEST PASSED .034 FAIL, 2:38pm RETEST PASSED .030 FAIL and 2:57pm RETEST PASSED .026 FAIL. The threshold for a rolling retest is .050 which I I did not exceed. I do not see any violation. The letter I send will be up for review. I know if my explanation is not sufficient I will be re suspended 3 months plus 30 days impound. Am I in violation? Can I hire a lawyer to write the letter? PLEASE HELP!
You can absolutely hire a lawyer to correspond with and represent you for purposes of your response to the Secretary of...
I received a DUI in Wisconsin before my Oath Ceremony. What are my options and how long can this delay the ceremony?
I received a DUI refusal in state of Wisconsin and I'm a IL resident. This happened a couple of weeks ago and now I have received my letter for oath ceremony. What should I do?
What was the verdict of your DUI? It all depends. Unless you are able to get a court document or “official disposition”...
I'm on court supervision for a DUI but they haven't suspended my license
My DUI was on 7/19/14 and my last court date where I recived my supervision was on 9/22/14. I didn't blow so I thought I would have a summary suspension for a year but I haven't recived anything about it. I called the DMV and they said my licence and privileges are valid. I'm I good to go? Can I goto the DMV and get a new license?
Sometimes the Secretary of State makes mistakes. Sometimes it's in your favor. If you had an attorney for the DUI,...
If i get a dui in IL but live in iowa can i take dui classes in iowa is that exceptable to the court
Got dui in illinois but i live in iowa do i have to take the dui classes in illinois or can i do them in my home state
Really that's up to the judge. No hard and fast rule in most court systems.
Can a person with an rdp drive to the gas station in Illinois?
I know the question seems kind of redundant but most rdps have strict limitations as to when and where a person can drive. Technically im not supposed to go anywhere but work and home and there isnt even a gas station between the two places so how am I supposed to legally put gas in my car?
The SOS administration will tell you no but I agree with you. As long as it's on your route, and as long as you ONLY...
I received a drinking ticket in a state park in IL. This is my first offense, and i'm twenty should i consider a lawyer?
-Park Ranger patrolled the campgrounds and some how found us drinking but we never had any complaints or anything -Ranger never breathalyzed me -Ranger put my fingerprints on file -Didn't detain/arrest anyone
conviction will impact your driving privileges. Almost nothing you laid out matters. Get to a lawyer who can actually...
Level 3 dependent and can't get to an AA or another like meeting.
I've completed everything the court has ordered me to complete years ago. I've found it impossible to get to an AA meeting or any other meeting of the soft since I am in a rural town without much support. I have a one year old and a second son on the way which requires their father to take work off for appointments resulting in us loosing days of work we can't afford. The only option I have is a one on one counseling service I am able to walk to, is this an option? I'm not sure if my words makes a difference, but I have been sober for 2 years now , back in school and believe that my original evaluation misrepresented my relationship with alcohol.
If you have a court order to attend alcohol counseling and cannot attend your counseling, you should speak with a...