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After 1 YR. 6 MO. with an intoxalock in my car, I got it removed today. I am going tomorrow to get my license. I had two violations which should explain the 6 month extension. I received a request for explanation 4 days ago. It states as follows: "Five or more unsuccessful attempts to start the vehicle within 24 hours." 1:18pm RETEST PASSED .031 FAIL, 2:01pm RETEST PASSED .038 FAIL, 2:19pm RETEST PASSED .034 FAIL, 2:38pm RETEST PASSED .030 FAIL and 2:57pm RETEST PASSED .026 FAIL. The threshold for a rolling retest is .050 which I I did not exceed. I do not see any violation. The letter I send will be up for review. I know if my explanation is not sufficient I will be re suspended 3 months plus 30 days impound. Am I in violation? Can I hire a lawyer to write the letter? PLEASE HELP!
You can absolutely hire a lawyer to correspond with and represent you for purposes of your response to the Secretary of...
I did a field test refused to blow once at the police station I did admit to drinking earlier felt fine to blow when giving a final chance at the station,I blew 3 times and the machine said insufficient reading all three times,I was charged with a misdemeanor offense and released ,my questions are is it likely to be brought up to a felony charge and if they have no reading is it possible to beat the initial charge....
All offenses count. You are felony eligible. Lawyer up.
I've been searching for a job for months now; and I have finally landed an interview with a company with whom I would enjoy working, a law firm in need of a marketing coordinator (Job in OH, arrest in IL). Earlier in the year, I was arrested for Driving Under Influence in Illinois, and after winning my summary suspension case, pleaded for supervision regarding the aforementioned case. At this point, I would like to remain transparent in order to avoid lying to potential employer; but also don't want to give out unnecessary information. Should I prepare a statement testifying to my rehabilitation, or avoid touching the subject altogether? If you were hiring for your firm, what would your opinion be?
If they ask if you've ever been convicted of a criminal offense, you can answer no. If they run your background, theres...
-Park Ranger patrolled the campgrounds and some how found us drinking but we never had any complaints or anything -Ranger never breathalyzed me -Ranger put my fingerprints on file -Didn't detain/arrest anyone
conviction will impact your driving privileges. Almost nothing you laid out matters. Get to a lawyer who can actually...
I've completed everything the court has ordered me to complete years ago. I've found it impossible to get to an AA meeting or any other meeting of the soft since I am in a rural town without much support. I have a one year old and a second son on the way which requires their father to take work off for appointments resulting in us loosing days of work we can't afford. The only option I have is a one on one counseling service I am able to walk to, is this an option? I'm not sure if my words makes a difference, but I have been sober for 2 years now , back in school and believe that my original evaluation misrepresented my relationship with alcohol.
If you have a court order to attend alcohol counseling and cannot attend your counseling, you should speak with a...
Revoked for 3 D.U.I.
Hire a very experienced DUI attorney who can give you guidance and provide legal representation
I've seen you can't do anything about your driving record, but I see conflicting things on whether it's a 2 year waiting period to expunge it from your criminal record or if it stays forever as well.
You can't seal or expunge a DUI supervision.