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Will a Carbondale city ordinance violation of underage drinking result in the suspension of my drivers license?
An officer saw me take a drink from a plastic cup at a bar. I received a city ordinance violation citation for underage drinking. The officer didn't let me try to explain what the drink was, did not ask or give me a breathalyzer, and just continued to write and give me the citation. I lost my citation and the date on my citation passed without me realizing it. I had a fender bender yesterday only to find this out and that I had a warrant. I bailed out about an hour later but I don't know what I am supposed to do. Should I call the courthouse Monday morning, go there, or wait for something in the mail? Since my citation date lapsed, will this now go to the S.O.S? I'm 19, work full time, live on my own, and I really can't lose my license. I can't afford an attorney.
You were probably found guilty in absentia so you're off the road for at least six months, you could have saved...
What if the violation number (ex. 2-5-5) doesn't match the description of the incident?
The officer wrote 2-5-5 which is drinking on public property, but for the description, he wrote "consumption of alcohol by a minor" I was technically doing both, but can it be dropped by the fact that it doesn't match? My friend that I was with that was also a minor only got a drinking on public property and didn't have to go to court. Can my charge be more even though we both cooperated the same?
Since you have admitted to doing both the prosecutor can charge you and win on both. Hire an attorney and post no...
So tonight I was put in cuffs and written a ticket for underage drinking despite the fact i wasn't drinking.
So I was at a bar which is legal for my age to be at (I'm 20 the bar age is 19) and I was standing with my friends, a police officer walked up to me, asked for my ID, and when I responded I couldn't find it, he immediately put me in cuffs and brought me to his car. Were my rights violated?
No, your rights were not violated. Hire an attorney and defend the charge.
Need help with my license
I have to Tennessee drivers license and got a DUI in Illinois previously to living in Tennessee I also I lived in Kentucky but I've held my Tennessee drivers license for one year when I got the DUI the state of Illinois suspended a ky license that I didn't even have i held tn is this possible
KY elected to honor the sanctions. They don't need to suspend your KY license since you don't have one. They...
I had a DUI case, in Illinois, 20 years ago case dropped for want of prosecution. Is there still a warrant out for my arrest?
Thanks for your help
If it was dismissed there wouldn't be a warrant unless the charges were refiled and you missed court. If you have...
Used my baiid to check if I was to intoxicated. I wanted to know my condition before trying to drive.
Was at a party, and had stopped drinking for about an hour. Wanted to go home since it was around 2 am. Wasn't sure how sober i was, checked with my Baiid and failed with a .0633. Didn't try again that night. Was fine around 9 the next morning to drive. Will the S.O.S. accept my explaination?
The fact that you continue to drink while on a BAIID will concern the SOS. I highly recommend you hire an attorney to...
In ILLINOIS do they test for THC when giving a BAC test?
I'm participating in a study using alcohol and the different impairment tests. Will they look for THC when they do the blood test?
You should ask whether THC is tested for or not. I cannot imagine anyone here online can know the parameters the...