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  • Former Maine resident posing as Scottish aristocrat ...

    Wednesday Nov 19 | via Bangor Daily News 

    Colin Chisholm III called himself Scottish royalty, lived on a $1.2 million yacht docked in an extravagant South Florida marina and had millions tucked away in various bank accounts. Now Chisholm, who actually grew up in Cape Elizabeth, is likely headed to prison for 21 months after admitting he hid those details of his life so he and his wife, Andrea, could collect food stamps, Medicaid and welfare from the state of Minnesota while living in Florida.


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Cape Elizabeth Law

Recieved a CWOF with a 24d assignment three months ago and am wondering if the suspension associated with that in mass will follow me to Maine.
In Maine a "conviction" results when there is a finding of guilt and some sentence has been imposed. A CWOF sounds like...
stopped for weaving., clean record
What would you like to know? You haven't asked a question.
If my license was revoked for one year in VA for a DUI and I never had it reinstated in VA but the year has come and gone, am I able to apply for a license in Maine. Do I need to reinstate it in VA if I am now a Maine resident?
Maine will not issue you a driver's license as long as you remain under suspension in VA. Until you do what it takes...
If one cop said you are all set have a good night.Can the second cop charge me after I was cleared?
Absolutely; however, you can always call the first officer as a witness to challenge the allegations against you.
OUI can be very serious. There are mandatory fines, a license suspension of at least 150 days and even mandatory jail...
I left the scene of a minor accident (< $2500 worth damage). Driver of struck car reports (inaccurately) the make / model of the vehicle to Maine State Police. MSP issue a "BOLO" for the inaccurate make / model. MSP then contact a campground / resort (private land) & ask if a vehicle matching description had recently entered resort. Resort: "Yes." & Resort Security escort MSP to site where vehicle is parked. MSP approach parked vehicle (in driveway of private lot (i.e; lot owned by vehicle driver) on private land (Campground / Resort): find the driver sitting in driver's seat - no keys in ignition - charging cell phone & drinking Malibu rum. MSP never witness driving & saw drinking of rum on own property. Driver arrested: DWI (.275 BAC). Is this arrest legal??
You might have a good issue as to whether the police had probable cause for arrest. There is also an import question as...
I have no criminal record Just that reckless driving
Unlikely, but the rules are always changing. Just inquire directly and they will let you know if it disqualifies you.