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  • Shooter in Bethel break in released

    Thursday Apr 23 | via The Mountaineer Publishing Company 

    The Bethel man who allegedly shot and killed a man in his own home after a botched burglary was released from jail on Wednesday after a Haywood County District Court judge reduced his bond. Judge Donna Forga lowered the bond of 58-year-old Michael R. Hurst, who is charged with felony manufacturing marijuana, as well as misdemeanor possession of marijuana and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia, from $100,000 to $10,000 during a district court session on Wednesday, April 22. Hurst posted bond shortly after and was released.


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Canton Law

I'm on administrative probation in Georgia for 2 years, but I live in NC. Am I allowed to drink alcohol?
I'm 22 and wouldn't drink it in any way or form to get into trouble. I just can't Imagine not having a few drinks in two years.
The terms and conditions of your probation are set by the Georgia official who placed you in probation in the first...
The state of north carolina has continued my dwi case twice now due to my court appointed counsel not being present.
The case will be heard again on feb 17, eleven months from the citation. i am an out of state motorist and resident of MT & have been stuck in NC dealing with this for almost one year now. part of me wants to request a continuance for appointment of new counsel! ( This would be my second personal continuance, but i feel they would grant me this) anyhow, how long can this go on?? How many times can THEY continue my case due to my public defenders health issues?? Should i hire a private attorney and file a motion for dismissal?? What to do? defenders health issue??? How many times can they they do this to me? Should i hire
I am not licensed to practice law in North Carolina, but I would at least sit down and talk with a private attorney....
How can I go about getting a restricted license in NC when the DUI happen in Oh?
I have completed all assessments, 72hrs of classes . At my assessment the professional said I needed no further treatment. I now need to know how I go about obtaining the restricted license? The DUI occurred almost 3 yrs ago in oh.
You need to speak with an attorney in the state where you have a license, even though it is suspended. Good luck
Can I get a privileged license from DMV and have my supervised probation changed to unsupervised?
Convicted for a DUI/Level 2. Everyone I am dealing with is telling me something different - and it is a CRAZY-making system. I paid my fees & fines, have concluded jail time, and completed my required 20 hours of DUI classes. My prob officer told me I can file a motion for unsupervised probation, that I don't need to be supervised now that my fines are paid. She also told me the DUI counselor needs to submit a form to DMV for my 20 hours in order to have a hearing to get a priv license. I have completely complied with everything, and I keep hearing conflicting information!! I need to drive to make a living. What can you tell me about my situation as the law stands today?
You are not eligible for a limited driving privilege if the sentence level is a level 2. If your probation officer is...
1st DUI, fail light came on when i blew the morning after drinking some wine. What will happen to my limited driving priv???
I'm so so worried
Every state is different, so contact a criminal defense attorney in North Carolina. Most machines register the failure...
I have a hearing I'm about a month for an interlock violation. Should I have a lawyer
Should I get a lawyer for a license hearing for an interlock violation. I am not on probation and I'm sure it was a fault with the machine
Yes get a lawyer for a license hearing for an interlock violation. You might find my Legal Guide helpful "How to...
DWI conviction
A cop stopped me because he said he noticed I was failing to maintain lane. The result was he let me go no ticket...I then got out of car and was going to help a friend of mine that had a flat get to his car I had to pass the cops I was passing I said have a great night officer and walked to friends car he in turn came over and started talking to me again...he said he smelled alcohol and ask to do field test...I passed all then gave me breathalizer I blew .12 he arrest me for DWI shud I be arrested for DWI or public intoxication? Do I have a good chance on winning when I go to court with my lawyer?
You need to ask these questions of your own attorney. It looks like the office had a valid reason to stop you. The...