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I have completed all assessments, 72hrs of classes . At my assessment the professional said I needed no further treatment. I now need to know how I go about obtaining the restricted license? The DUI occurred almost 3 yrs ago in oh.
You need to speak with an attorney in the state where you have a license, even though it is suspended. Good luck
Convicted for a DUI/Level 2. Everyone I am dealing with is telling me something different - and it is a CRAZY-making system. I paid my fees & fines, have concluded jail time, and completed my required 20 hours of DUI classes. My prob officer told me I can file a motion for unsupervised probation, that I don't need to be supervised now that my fines are paid. She also told me the DUI counselor needs to submit a form to DMV for my 20 hours in order to have a hearing to get a priv license. I have completely complied with everything, and I keep hearing conflicting information!! I need to drive to make a living. What can you tell me about my situation as the law stands today?
You are not eligible for a limited driving privilege if the sentence level is a level 2. If your probation officer is...
I'm so so worried
Every state is different, so contact a criminal defense attorney in North Carolina. Most machines register the failure...
unable to obtain breathalizer reading on scene, i have a clean criminal background, decent driving record (no major violations and very few),
Anything is possible, but it won't come easily and people are routinely convicted of DUIs on similar facts. Time to...
I was arrested for a DUI on the 27th/28th of September. My BAC was .08. I was not held in prison and released after going to the magistrate. I am taking this case to court and will do everything I can to fight it. Other than hiring a lawyer, is there anything I can do to help my case such as attend AA meetings. Thanks
The best thing you can do is to hire a good, experienced lawyer to fight the charges. Doing classes wont help in terms...
I was provided with the privilege to regain my north Carolina driver licenses in 2012. I have been able to abided by the rules and regulations of the device for almost three years. I am unable to get the device removed for another four years. With my children getting older and repaying my debt to society by remaining sober through AA and doing things differnt then my teenage years. I was wondering if early removal was something possible for me. Thanks for your time.
No, there is no way around the interlock unfortunately.
i blew as hard as i could 3 times. the officer got annoyed and arrested me with refusal to take the test and dui?
The chemical analyst who administered the breath test can and often will indicate a willful refusal in a situation such...