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3rd dwi in ten years thinking about leaving the state
A warrant issued never goes away, even if you run. Joseph A. Lo Piccolo, Esq. President, Criminal Courts Bar...
In June of 2009 I was at a friends house and the police were called for a matter involving my friend and his landlord. I don't remember the specifics but on the ticket it stated I was fleeing towards a vehicle. I ended up getting a DWI and was never driving. I wasn't convicted of the crime until February of 2011. I received 9 months of jail time, a $1000 fine, a $400 surcharge, revocation of rights to drive in NY, and a $750 DRA to the DMV.
If you were convicted, then who do you want to sue and why?
My husband got a dwi 5 years ago(only dwi he has ever had, and he wasn't driving but the keys were in the ignition and he was parked in a friend's driveway) but he was convicted in February of 2011. His license was suspended(never had a NY license to begin with, had an Oklahoma llicense though)he got a $1400 dollar fine, 9 months in jail, and he owes the DMV $750. Anyways he got pulled over April of 2013 for an AUO in the 2nd, driving without an interlock(which the judge said he didn't need one), and speeding(65 in a 55). So the driving without an interlock should be thrown off the table. I was wondering what the chances are of him getting jail time? If you could write me back with your opinion it would be great. Thank you, Ashley Todd
I doubt he will get jail for speeding but the interlock is not as clear. Hopefull the plea and/or sentencing minutes...
I am 18 yo F, my car was at a friends parents open lot, with permission from the lot owner, it was waiting small repair, and registration to take it, there for 2 weeks, his older brother and about 30 drunk friends sawzaw'd the car to pieces. Prior to the act, my brother told them who's it was and if they needed it move he could no prob, no asing for restitution vs legal action, he is trying to say we are asking to much ($4000, KBB value) and including values in car in price, he claims it was abandoned, though warned it wasn't, and not wanting to pay that much. We want to avoid court to get our money faster, we live in upstate NY, he is 28 yo, we have the title, and many people that seen him commit the act, this would be his 3rd arrest (2 DWI's), what is a good argument for settlement?
You should keep in mind that the possibility of pursuing the matter in the civil courts (and the evidence that you...
The law had just changed on Jan-1,st five years ago, a dui with in ten years apart was considered a felny. I was just under the limt. I through away my copy of the arresting officer's hand written supporting deposisition .One of the officers asked me and the arresting officer for a copy of the dposn. The DA ;judge or my P D had a copy.After quite a while I felt I should not have,,, but I pled guilty. Things got confusion, I felt sure the most important thing in LAW was what was written onstone. My public defender was going to hand my case over to a ex DA who sed to me the deposision was very important . In between bad weather, a short three way conversation with ex DA and the investigator for the PD,I went before the Judge and pled guilty. one very GOOD thing of all this is four yrs sober
I don't understand a lot of what your are saying. A second dui within 10 of a dui conviction has been a felony for much...
This is my 2nd DWI in NY in 5 years and I am looking at a Class E felony. I already have had my license revoked and I am facing jail time. I blew a .28 which is aggravated, there is a witness testimony and video evidence and self admission. I know I am screwed and I know I have to face whatever charges I am brought to. I have had a great job for over 7 years. I've been attending college and I have been blessed to have been able to keep my job even though all of this is going on and my license is revoked. I have never had a felony in the past and I am in fear I will spend years in prison. I know if I go to trial I will lose given all the facts mentioned above. I am looking for an honest opinion and advice. I'd like a lawyer that actually cares for my future and not just my money.
You are probation eligible even if you plead to the felony. A lot depends on the attitude of the Judge and or the DA....
I moved from IL to NY and got a DWaI here. I paid all the fines, went to court, etc and it all ended here so I went to the DMV to get my license after the NY suspension period and IL had put a hold on my license. My question is what are my options? My license was expired and I paid the fine for driving without a valid license. Doesn't that mean I was driving without a license? How does IL have the right to punish me for something I did in another state without a license (the only connection to IL)? Should I get an OOS hearing packet and do that whole thing as it said on the Sec of State's website? Or is my only option trying to get it down to reckless driving? I don't want to go back to court so this is not really an option for me. Also can someone tell me if Im actually charged in IL now?
You need to repost this in the Illinois section as it sounds like clearing the Illinois hold will enable you to restore...