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2nd dui, court soon and i want to know if i can check myself into a rehab or would that result in a warrant or look good that im taking responsibility?
First hire a criminal defense attorney and he/she will direct you on what actions to take. Don't miss court without the...
second dui, failed Breathalyzer first one already took classes
If you were granted and successfully completed the Alcohol Education Program for your first DUI, then you should will...
need to shorten time
Hire a lawyer to see what your options are and if it is possible.
I know this is incredibly stupid, but this morning I had to have my girlfriend blow into my device to start my car because i still had alcohol in my system. I failed a rolling retest 3 times before it finally cleared, and now I am panicked about the consequences because I don't know what happens from here. Can anybody give me an idea of what to expect now?
Your question is not stupid at all. But perhaps it is better directed to the attorney who previously represented you....
I had a really bad depression for a short period of time and since gotten help and been sober for over a year but trying to pick up the damage I left in that time frame . I don't want to get dropped for lying but I was charged with a double first offender because of my circumstances that lead to this . But its nearly impossible to get insurance with 2 offenses .
Your insurance company is going to find out the truth regardless of what you tell them.
We had a lawyer the first time, but we can't afford one this time. We just want to know what to expect when we go to court.
They can violate your probation and give you more jail time then the 120 days mandatory minimum you are looking at as a...
I arrived home at aprox. 12:30 AM after a bar tending shift to see two police cruisers blocking the driveway to my home and the next driveway. I got out of the car and spoke to one of the officers who refused to tell me what was happening. He then said he smelt alcohol and did a field sobriety test out of the line of sight of any cameras, said I failed, arrested me for DUI and towed my car. The breathalyzer failed multiple times at the police station. I was forced to take a urine test. After two months of waiting the results were an adjusted BAC of .03/.04. I do not take any drugs but I still need to wait for the results before the State's Attorney will dismiss the charges. My name was put in the paper, I have a non-refundable retainer of over $5k and time lost at work. What can I do?
You could consult an attorney who handles civil rights cases for an evaluation, but it sounds from your description as...