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My daughter's story goes, "I pulled over to look for my phone and a cop passed by and checked on me found I have .08 drink on my system? Can you consider that as a DUI?" She has a clean driving record but Just wondering because the cop didn't pulled her over or not caught driving but parked on the side of the road. Please advise if I can contest at least the DUI charge. Thanks.
Yes, while DUI usually requires driving there is provision of the vehicle code that permits the prosecution for DUI...
DMV mandatory actions unit told me the other day that I must complete the full 18 month Drinker Driver Class before I get anything. I did enroll in the class and had 14 months completed when they informed me that I had given them the wrong docket number at intake. I gave my H-6 print out to there employee who filled out there paper work. Employee who did my intake no longer works for the company. Finally one senior employee pulled me aside and said "we made the mistake but we won't admit it to the DMV because we get our license from them and I will never admit I told you this" Facts: My enrollment was after my last DUI in 1996 and still to this day my last DUI, so why would I give them a earlier docket number? Exactly I didn't. Sober 5 years and need a restricted license desperately.
Unfortunately, you need to comply with DMV requirements. In addition, however, if that program was ordered as part of...
My son has a CA driver's license. He had first DUI is CA in April 09. Completed all fines, etc. and license was reissued. Left to go to college in Tucson, AZ. Received two (2) back to back DUIs in April and May of 2012. He graduated in May of this year and completed all AZ fines, jail, etc. CA does not accept AZ classes, so he enrolled in CA DUI classes in June 2013. Called DMV to ask about restricted license and was told yes with SR-22, Ignition Interlock, and class enrollment. Purchased used vehicle and got SR-22. Upon getting appt for Interlocks was told by company that CA DMV said he is not eligible for license until completion of 12 months of classes. No hardship license. First job out of college. Varying hours, days, and locations. HELP!
Good question. A critical needs license is what your son needs to apply for. Under Vehicle Code § § 13353.8 (anyone)...
I'm moving to London and just got a second DUI, will it hurt my chances to obtain a work visa.
Not necessarily. Goodluck.
Date of incident Dec.2009. I got a Wet Reckless in court (Feb.2010). BAC was .08. I haven't had the DMV hearing yet. Will DMV suspend my license? Will they make me install a breathalyzer in my car? I'm a first time offender, perfect driving record, low BAC. Do they take that under account?
DMV can still suspend your drivers license if the evidence shows you were driving when your BAC was over .08%. The...
I was arrested for a DUI in CA in Jan. of 2011. I believe they told me I blew a .16. I went to court, did the community service and alcohol classes. I haven't completely paid off the fine yet. I also had to put an IID in my car. I had only just had the device installed in 2013 and my car broke down in the summer so I never completed the program. In Oct. 2013 I was pulled over on my way to work, driving my cousins truck and the officers said I blew .08. I spent the weekend and an additional 3 days in jail but never made it to court so they released me. I just received a warrant in the mail with a misdemeanor charge "(m) vc14601.1(a)" I looked up the charge and it seems to be just driving on a suspended license. Should I turn myself in? And what type of punishment am I facing?
According to the vehicle code, a first time violation for 14601.1 requires a minimum of 5 days and a maximum of six...
I was involved in an underaged DUI & I would like to know if it is completely necessary for me to hire a lawyer
The phrase "completely necessary" is vague. Just like adults in Superior Court, juveniles will be provided a public...