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Usually how many days it takes once my motion is filed for early termination of probation. I am in unsupervised probation for 3 years and i finished one year. Paid all fees and regularly gave my attendance to probation office at Kisok machine. I a getting job offer where i need to travel for 70 to 80 %. I attached with many social organization to do good for society. I also voluntarily took out patient treatment of Stop DWI of 16 weeks. I do not have any criminal background. Please advise
You filed something with Probation or the Judge?
I have been in a custody dilute for a good year and a half. To make a long story short short Cause: I moved to PA in 2012 with no "consent". Effect: I lost my son to his father therefore that is why he has temporary custody. ( based on lies I might add). He was taken into the precinct for having a suspended license and continues to drive around with our son tree is not much I can do. The police won't help me. Would I be breaking any laws if I were to camp outside his house and record him in the act. Oh did I mention he lives in New York ? Can I use this against him at out custody trial ?
You should certainly discuss with your attorney whether this is something that would be useful to bring up. Driving...
On the forth one I was sleeping in the car. And I didn't blow into the machine and I was in front on my driveway
It sounds like a trial unless you want to plead to jail time. Hire a good attorney because you are in for a fight....
I'm currently facing my 3rd dwi offense. The first one got dismissed based on a plea bargain for the 2nd one which I was convicted of a misdemeanor. I got 3 years probation which I completed successfully and was discharged in only a year. They all happened in a 5 year span. The current charge is a felony. All 3 did not involve injuries, I was pulled over for running a red light on the 3rd one. The 2nd one was when I left a garage my rear tire hit the side street of the garage I was leaving and was immediately pulled over as there was a cop car parked right across the street facing the garage exit which I didn't notice until the lights went on. My question is if convicted will it be charged as 3rd offense or 2nd since the first got dismissed. And what is the possibility of getting jail time
Jail time is certainly a possibility. You should get yourself in an alcohol program immediately. With hard work and...
Can the probation officer take off the interlock??
I believe it is on for all 3 years. Wasn't your license revoked?
My license was suspended for dui 6 months , and the ignition lock for 1 year. I got a failed test and I had used mouth wash, they said the reading was high .9 . Now what happens when they send in the logs ? This is in New York, I also never met a probation officer. The unit has also been giving me problems that I reported. This is first dui and first failed reading.
Certain important facts seem to be missing. I am guessing you were not sentenced to probation but a conditional...
The dmv suspended my license in march 2012 for leaving the scene of a personal injury accident for 6 months. In December 2013 I got my license back and they said it was all clear since I paid the fees and they had all necessary paperwork. So now after having my license for 2 weeks the dmv send me a letter telling me that on the 30 of January my license will be revoked for the same reason it was suspended before. I already went to a hearing for the dmv in 2012 and they had just suspended it then for 6 months
The DV is civil law and not held to the Double Jeopardy standard that criminal law is. However, when the government...