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I was arrested in 2008 for a DUI which has been closed as a DWIA with attending 6 months of group therapy and fine. The problem is I need to have it brought down to a record that won't affect my immigration, specifically for DACA. What is the process/steps? Has it been done before? What are the chances?
New York does not have the term minor misdemeanor. DWAI (VTL 1192.1) is a traffic infraction and should not effect...
I was arrested Queens NY for a DUI for hitting a parked car while driving my own personal vehicle. I was on prescription meds and my alcohol level was .06 ( below the legal limit which is .08) No one was in the parked car or hurt. I am 63 years old and this is my first offense. Can I plead to a lesser offense?
You can't plead to anything other than the charged offense unless the prosecutor agrees (and the court approves)....
I was convicted of a dui when I was 21. I am now 26 years old. My family has fallen on hard times. I wanted to get a TLC license. Its what my father's done for 25 years. Is it possible that I'll qualify for a license?
I suggest that you contact the TLC and ask them.
Shoul I answer yes or not the case is still pending
Yes, you've been arrested but you haven't been convicted.
DWI charge for drugs (marijuana only). 3AM, New York whiteplains / westchester, December 12th. I was actually sober, but the officer said my eyes were red... and my car smelled of it. I also had 3grams of it in my jacket which I handed over. He conducted field sobriety test first by having me remove my glasses (I can't see without my glasses). He said I failed the sobriety test, arrested me and took me in. My friend was with me, they gave him a ride home. I gave a urine sample (naive of me I know, i wasn't thinking at the time and they kind of discretely made me do it) when i was held at their station. I told them I smoked 2 hours prior to being pulled over. I spoke to an attorney and he's asking $5,000 flat.
It may depend on the result of the urine test. If you test positive for marijuana the case is not getting dismissed and...
do i get stuck with the remaining loan balance?
Don't you have collision insurance?
I was being arrested for a suspended license. After officer handcuffed me he asked how much I drank. I said none. He said we will check in precinct (he didn't have machine with him). At precinct I asked officer to call my attorney who I work with and know number to. He said: you can call later you are not entitled to a call now. I got scared and refused. Then later again I asked and he said "later". Can this help me at a refusal hearing as per the Gursey case?
I don't have the Gursey case in front of me but you should have been allowed to call your lawyer under these facts.