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Hello friends! so i am little over 2 years since my second offense and i have not driven legally and never applied for a restricted license from the dmv. Can I bypass the whole restricted license and move onto a normal license since im beyond the one year hard time suspension? also will i still need to have a interlock device installed, since it states its mandatory within the first year? i am not finished with dui enrollment program and currently living in ventura county. Any clarity on my eligibility will help, thank you all in advance.
To get the answer, for sure, call the Mandatory Actions Unit, your lawyer should have the telephone number. My...
It will be 6 years on July 16, 2014 since my first DUI. I refused to take a breathalyzer test and refused to give my blood when I was arrested for my second DUI. I am a full time student that supports herself and can not lose my job. How high are my chances of completely avoiding jail time?
You need to contact an attorney in your area. A number of questions need to be asked. The first is, why did the police...
Invoice from CHP received in the mail to pay fees associated with a DUI over 2 years ago.
Not sure there's a penalty, but they could put it in collections or levy it against any state tax return.
Pulled over on campus after driving into a wrong way street (easy access parking). It was around 11 30 pm. Friends saw me through their third story dorm window and then walked down to the sidewalk close to where I was parked. Cops did all the usual testing, Field and breath test. Blew a .10 at the scene, then a .08 at station. No way I drank enough to blow that... very suspicious. Police report stated I was swerving and very unbalanced with the field tests, and my friends thought I did fine!
If you go to trial, witnesses could possibly help you. There may/should be video of you doing the FST's, your attorney...
Got a DUI for .10 BAC and driving into a wrong way do not enter street. Friends were watching the entire time from their window, and down by the sidewalk next to my car. Cope told them to leave, but they stayed nearby. Anyway, they did feild tests and I chose the breath test. They arrested me and booked me in the County Jail. Blew a .08 twice at the station. After all that, I scheduled my DMV hearing and tried looking for good attorney. Circumstances led to me not being able to hire one due to financial reasons, and I was left to ask for a continuance. I received one from the Hearing Officer, but the hearing officer stated that I had no chance of winning this case and convincing him of keeping my license. It's looking like I will lose my license, but when?
Your license won't be suspended until you after your dmv hearing (if you lose) and they will send you a notice in the...
He and I are co-trustee and beneficiaries of my Mom's will (she passed away this past June). We are to split everything down to the middle, but he has behaved reprehensibly. He has stolen the most expensive jewelry, taken items from the house without discussion, had all my Mom's finance-related mail diverted to his address, succeeded in closing my OWN personal account by telling Chase I committed fraud (untrue), withdrawn thousands of $ from the trust account for unaccounted reasons, i shouldered ALL the responsibility of getting the house emptied & cleaned for escrow (he wasn't around), etc, etc. He wants to take full control of the trust and all signs point to him want to get all the $ from the sale of the last big asset (condo). All he has on me is that i hv a DUI/going to rehab. HELP!
You need a probate attorney. You chose criminal/DUI law.
I am 19 years old. I ran my car over a median. I was not injured. I did not hit anyone else. There was no property damage. The police came to the accident scene. I was given a breathalyser test and blew a .04. I was arrested for DUI. My license was taken. I spent the night in jail and was given a court date in October.
Go to a bunch of AA classes - like 30 or so before your court date in October. They are free and they are plentiful...