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Dmv just set aside suspension for 2nd dui and said it was non existent and that I only had to show 3 month completion.
How do I show 3 month completion of court ordered 18 mo program. Program says they don't have the form to do that
Something is off. DMV should not be requiring proof of any program if it set aside a suspension. Unless it is...
I just recieved a bill for 800 from CHP is this legal?
I was arrested for a misdemeanor DUI I was in central receiving for 6 of the 7 hours I'm being billed for @ 91.00 and hour what in the hell is this where do our tax dollars go ? This can't be legal and if it is its another tragic piece to the corrupt justice puzzle
It is in the Government code. It should reference the code on your notice. When you are in an accident and that...
Is it a probable cause to pull me over because my passanger (the cop thinks) is on probation?
I was pulled over because my passanger was said to be on probation. I know 100% that im not but was also told i was too. My car was then searched almost towed. Thankfully when i was in back of the cop car i was able to call my boyfriend to get over there. Told i was using drugs even though they found nothing in my car. Then taken to jail for over 12 hours to detox. Not to mention the cop stole my camera and a usb computer storage with personal records on it. So do i have a civil case. Can i get the 11550(a) dropped. Also keep in mind that i have been being harrassed by the sheriff one in particular now the tpd. This past year n a half ive had to fight 6 cases this is 7. Please help
I would argue it is not sufficient probable cause. Under Mercer v. DMV, the police officer must observe a violation of...
Ankle monitoring
My husband was given 10 years for his first felony DUI with GBI enhancement . is it possible to hire an attorney to petition for a resentencing to be able to get out on a ankle monitor. His kids are stuck in foster care and they are acting out and going to end up in group homes they aren't my kids so Cps is fighting me to give them to me I'm trying to get my foster parent license but my husband isn't a criminal he's a man who made a mistake and he needs to be at home . how long would he have to do and what kind of attorney could be hired to make this happen
An appeal is your issue. Very expensive and time consuming. Michael Luke hart in Bakersfield would be an excellent...
Should I get a lawyer
I got a DUI 9yrs ago & it was dismissed alcohol level was below the limit but not by DMV cause I was under the age of 21 I just recently got a DUI is this considered my second one?
This will only be charged as a 1st offense by the district attorney and be treated as a 1st offense if convicted in...
Is it possible to remove an interlock device earlier than the time given?
I obtained my DUI in April of 2012 and had it installed recently October 2014. The delay was due to my grandmother being sick and needing a second caretaker. My end date for the Interlock device is June 11th 2015
Depends why it's on. If it's the pilot counties, then no, unless you're ok with your license being suspended for the...
Charged with dui & dwi?? I have never been arrested or charged with anything prior to this either.
I have high blood pressure meds I'm supposed to take 4 times a day. (I also take paxil, beta blockers & I took my diet pills (2 phentermen) that day, I rarely take anymore) I hadn't ate anything that day & was having a bad reaction to my meds. The chp claims he pulled me over for loud music (turned it down way before I saw chp). He makes me do all 3 sobriety tests 3 times each which I passed all of them. I take the breathe alayzer & pass w/ 0.00. He told me that everyone in this area is on drugs, told me my parents, friends my family were all on drugs; my parents are dead. I didn't do the blood test cuz after listening to him for over a 1 & 1/2 hours I said I've had enough of him bashing my deceased parents & my brother that was it. I've never been arrested before!
Friend, you need to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney to assist your. Refusing the blood test was a poor...