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If you receive a DUI for drugs And you were NOT DUI how do you prove it?
A blood and urine test were taken. The test will most likely be positive because I did smoke at a party the night before (24 hours before the DUI). But I was not DUI. How can I prove I was not DUI, even though my test may be positive?
Your best bet will be to hire an expert to testify that the marijuana that is present in the sample is merely the...
How can I get my probation officer changed.
I finished a drug court program and aftercare and still have the same po and it's like there holding that against me
Most likely, you can't. Probation is an alternative to jail. Having a PO that you don't like is one of the burdens of...
Was charged with driving without license in the state of georgia, what's going to happen when I attend court?
I went to jail paid a $735 bond to get out have to attend court. Am I going back to jail since I don't have a license? Or am I just going to be fined since its my first offense?
Although the charge carries up to 12 months in jail and a $1000 fine, typical punishment is a fine. However, the more...
I got my third dui in ten year period, is there any thing i can do to minuimize jail time? I refused breath test and sobriety.
i refused to take any test the cops where tryiung to give me, i only spent 5 hours in jail before being boned out.
What happened with your prior to cases? Were they reduced or were you convicted? On a third charge in 10 years the...
I recently got pulled over in florida, refused sobriety test spent the night in jail and was released,
I have a georgia license, and got liscense taken in florida for refusing sobriety test. Havn't went to court yet, but my question is can i drive to indiana to visit family.. This is first time offense.
You may want to post this question under the DUI category in Florida as well. If Florida is taking administrative...
Does a georgia dui conviction reciprocate with wyoming
i received a dui in ga and work out of state in wyoming. my license was suspended for a yr and a half. its goin on 2 yrs now. can i try and get it back in wyoming
In all likelihood, the State of Wyoming will be aware of an out of state DUI conviction or disposition. Therefore, your...
Got a dui with a minor in the car in state of georgia.
Dui and Child endangerment Oct of 2004. Was charged by courts and found guilty. 1st dui and 1 count child endangerment. DMV counts this as 2 Dui's and says I must take Dui class,Clinical Evaluation and Ignition Interlock installed. Can the Ignition interlock be waived by the court so I can get my license reinstated?
I may be a little confused about your question. If you are asking whether a portion of your sentence can be waived...