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  • $10,000 reward offered in Calabash firearms theft

    Tuesday Mar 24 | via WWAY-TV Wilmington 

    Investigators with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives , and the National Shooting Sports Foundation announce a $10,000 reward for information into a gun theft from a store in Calabash. Investigators say on March 10 someone broke into the Low Country Sports located at 580 Thomasboro Road in Calabash at approximately 9:42 p.m. The individual stole several firearms, but ATF officials wouldn't specify which types of firearms.


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  • $10,000 reward offered in Calabash gun shop theft

    Tuesday Mar 24 | via WECT-TV Wilmington 

    The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives and the National Shooting Sports Foundation are offering a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of those responsible for a Calabash gun shop theft. Officials say on Tuesday, March 10 around 9:40 p.m., Low Country Sports, located at 580 Thomasboro Road SW in Calabash, was broken into and 11 firearms were stolen, including an AK47.


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Calabash Law

My son was ticketed in Wilmington,nc for underaged possession of alcohol. do we need a lawyer?
My son has a clean record, is a full time college student with a part time job. Is it recommended for him to retain a lawyer foHe states he drove an adult to the ABC store where he stayed in the car as the adult purchased alcohol alone. Once the adult returned to the car, the police confronted everyone ine the car,, (3 minors, 1 adult) and charged all of them although only the adult was in possession of the alcohol. However, my son states that the police were informed that the adult was "spotted" the cash he was lacking to buy the alcohol before leaving the residence with the understanding the adult was going to reimburse the cash to the19 year olds later.
Yes, your son needs to hire an attorney. The good news is that if this is his first offense, most DA offices will...
Do I have any chance of getting off a DWI arrest bc of a possible 4th Ammendment violation?
I was charged with a dwi in NC(2013) It is a unique circumstance where I was a passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over for speeding. The driver was arrested for a dwi and taken away and I was told not to drive. I was then pulled over for operating the vehicle about 30 minutes after the original driver was taken away. The original driver was let off of her convicted dwi on the basis of the police conducting an illegal stop. My question is do I have a case of getting off based on the illegal stop and evidence obtained whichthen the police used to stop me. Any thoughts?
You should talk to an experienced DWI attorney asap to see what your options are. It is hard to evaluate the merits of...
I pled guilty to DWI in district court today and got unsupervised probation. If I appeal to superior court next week, is it
possible that the DAs will be willing to reduce or dismiss my DWI to avoid a full blown jury trial? the DA in district court told me that they will fire him if he reduces a dwi
Chances are great that your DWI charge would not be dismissed simply because you appealed the case. A "full blown"...
It's been 12years since my dui in Florida.
Did my 1 night in jail never paid fine or community service or probation. Was told there is a warrant for my arrest after 12 years. Is there a statute of limitations for this. Never tried to get my license back but would like to now but afraid will be arrested. I now live in North Carolina and have for last12 years. Left fl right after court for dui.
North Carolina will not allow you to get your license until you are in compliance with all all of your obligations out...
What are the chances of having my first dwi dismissed or reduced?
I recently received my first dwi, I was not speeding or driving wrecklessly but stopped at a dwi check point. My BAC was a .11. Since then I have completed my ADETS and have no previous crimal record, only some speeding tickets. Do I have any chance of the charges being dismissed or reduced?
They are not going to dismiss or reduce a DUI. If you can beat it, you may be able to, but otherwise, you will have to...
Received a ticket for operating a motor vehicle under the influence under the age of 21. what will happen?
I took a breath test and blew a .05. There is nothing only my ticket about my BAC. Only that i had alcohol in my system while operating a motor vehicle under the age of 21.
That's all that is required to convict you under the law. You need to avoid posting any additional information about...
If an officer has video capability, does he have to have it on?
if i am pulled over does the officer have to state why? if the is no video how i am able to prove that i passed a fts?? . how do i know that i was at the legal limit when pulled and portable bac point was not given to me, it takes 20 25 mins to get to the jail and then he waited another 30 mins to give me one with the machine?? i was 2 miles from home. if i knew my bac then i may have still been legal by the time i was home??where are my rights?? and what if im not aware of all the legalities??
If you aren't aware of the legalities, you need a lawyer to assist you. Every one of your questions is standard and...