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I was hit by a drunk driver. He had no insurance at all and I have full coverage including uninsured motorist with higher than normal limit. I sustained an injury to my neck that is impeading on my spinal cord. My insurance company said I have to except the $8,000.00 they offer me or sue them. I already had 32K in medical bills and have not had surgery yet. So I had to get a lawyer and sue. Now they are representing the drunk that hit me and I am not allowed to even mention in the court room it is an insurance case. How can this be?
You have come to the right need a personal injury lawyer. Avvo has a great "find a lawyer" tool to locate a...
my husband and i was driving from krstals in newport he pulled me over said i was speeding my husband leaned over in front of me to driver side with alcohol on his breath they swear it was me we have pics we were at krystals that night they were in the car when pulled over husband admitted he was drinking and i wasnt i let officer smell my cup from krystals it was water he still charged me of dui i have medical problems with my lungs and 6 pins and a plate in my ankle and i wore high hill boots all day what do i do to beat them oh it was also on the last day of my 5 year probation of 08 i am so scared they wont stop harredsing me to put me away what do i do
Every charged innocent person should retain a local licensed attorney to protect their legal interests properly.
I have a lawyer working on the case, it was a railroad job and they have no evidence and the DA is going to drop the charges on my court date next month. How can canada even know as I was only arrested on a charge. (inocent untill proven guilty) I have a hard time beliving that Tennesse would even share this information since they are one of the states that share nothing. my attorney knows less than me in the regards to information shareing and I can find no way to find out if my passport will be flaged. What insite can you give and if possible is there some place I can check other than public recors if this has been noted?
Canada will find out about the DUI and refusal fro two sources. First, the pending charge will show up on the NCIC...
I was arrested for a DUI and I had forgot that my gun was in the back seat as it was covered under other stuff. The officer asked if I had anything in the car and after thinking about it I remembered that the gun was in there. This is my first offence and I've never done anything wrong before. what am I looking at as far as punishment?
This is a serious charge, so, you really need to contact a local DUI attorney.
my lawyer inadequately defended me.waited months for toxresults I have health issue that resemble being drunk have letter from doctor stating so i hire lawyer didn't talk to me but once he said i would lose if i went to trial i wrecked again got another dui we went to court he didn't know about other dui i repeatedly tried to discuss my case with him couldn't get app t. or talk over phone told him in first meeting file motion of discovery got toxresult day of court had to make a decision right then they were going to revoke bond if i didn't take plea that day.turned myself in for 120 days because of health issues i had episode in jail same thing that cause me to wreck and get dui's no way to be under influence after 5 days in jail but acted same way except driving I'm innocent bad deal
It is unlikely—but possible—that you will be able to undo your plea bargain. The proper challenge, however, would not...
I have been charged with driving on rev. 4.they went back 13 years and counted 1 and 8 years onanouther.
Driving on a suspended license is a criminal conviction. They will count back to the day you turned 18. You should hire...
is there any chance to apply my citizenship and approved I got two duis
Yes, there is a chance you may still be granted naturalization with two DUIs. However, more information is needed to...