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BAC was done at hospital it was .186
I primarily practice in Butler County so I can speak to this specifically. Generally, if you have no prior offenses...
It was my boyfriend me and our driver. The driver had slid into an icy patch. We had a ride come pick the driver up to go get his truck to pull us out. My boyfriend and i stayed with my car. Someone ended up calling the police. So they showed up, no evidence of my boyfriend driving. They arrested him, never told him for what, never read him his miranda rights or his chemical testing rights. Can he still be charged with a DUI
This is a question of fact that will ultimately have to be decided by a judge or jury. However if you can provide some...
The ard is for marijuanna possession
Please refer to my response to your first question on this subject. Good luck.
My ard would be small possession of marijuana
Completely dependent on the County. In some counties, it is on the day are admitted to ARD. In others it could be 30...
I had a dui 7 years ago and i wasnt able to get ARD cuz i was at the legal limit so i got the min on everything. I just got my 2 dui in aug. Am i able to get ARD considering i couldnt with my first dui?
This is your second DUI in a 10 year period and could possibly looking at 90 days in jail. Therefore, it is imperative...
3 dui's. Am behind on fines,have not finished dui class. Have a failure to comply hearing. I have been sober 4 yrs,have a job,pay all my child support. I have trouble doing the things that cost money. My probation is up.
You need to speak with local counsel immediately. Costs & fines practices vary widely from county to county, sometimes...
About 9 and a half years ago I got ARD for a non DUI offense , now I am wondering if I can get it again for a DUI . It seems like there may be a difference in these two situations and that it would be possible . I am basing my inquiry off of this . . . . http : / / www . dmv . state . pa . us / pdotforms / vehicle_code / chapter38 . pdf specifically section 3807 ( a ) ( 2 ) ( i ) .
The answer is that it is up to the DA. It CAN happen, but doesn't happen often.