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  • Police finally arrest fugitive in city

    Sunday Mar 22 | via Butler Eagle 

    A fugitive on the run from federal marshals and Butler Township police is behind bars after his arrest Sunday night at a suspected drug house in Butler. But Matthew G. Hamersley, 31, who has no known address, was not about to be captured easily.


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  • Brief standoff with police ends in mana s arrest

    Sunday Mar 22 | via Butler Eagle 

    A Butler police officer came face to face Saturday night with a man carrying a deer rifle at an apartment in the 700 block of South Main Street where police were called for a domestic dispute. But 18-year-old Dominic J. Ernst eventually dropped the rifle and was arrested.


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  • Man shot after shooting at police

    Sunday Mar 8 | via Butler Eagle 

    State police filed attempted homicide and other charges against a township man who is accused of shooting a 9 mm rifle at two troopers responding to a violent domestic call at his parents' house in Lyndora early Sunday morning. Samuel Louis Wheeler, 24, of Butler was shot and wounded when the troopers returned fire, hitting the suspect's left hand.


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Butler Law

Will I be removed from ARD
I am currently in the ARD program and have been since October 7th. Part of the requirements to get through it was 25 hours of community service and have proof of that within 30 days of completion of the ARD program. I completed those hours but made a mistake and thought I was finished on April 7th instead of March 7th. I just received a letter in the mail for a ARD re-hearing for failure to complete community service. Again, I completed my community service I just made a mistake of when it was due is there anything I can do to avoid the hearing and if not is there anyway to not get removed from the program because of my mistake
Hard to say. Since you did finish the community service requirement there is a reasonable chance they will just give...
In Pa if serving mandatory 2 months for driving while suspended DUI must he serve the 2 months or get time off good behavior
Currently he is serving mandatory in Butler
I believe he could receive some good time-earned time, to reduce it by a few days. The prison system, and possibly a...
I was drinking and driving and caused an accident with injuries this is my first time ive drank and drove what am i facing
BAC was done at hospital it was .186
I primarily practice in Butler County so I can speak to this specifically. Generally, if you have no prior offenses...
Are you drug tested while on the ard program in PA
The ard is for marijuanna possession
Please refer to my response to your first question on this subject. Good luck.
How long after your hearing to get accepted into the ARD program do you actually meet with your probation officer
My ard would be small possession of marijuana
Completely dependent on the County. In some counties, it is on the day are admitted to ARD. In others it could be 30...
If we had a sober drive and ended up crashing because of the snow can i still get a DUI
It was my boyfriend me and our driver. The driver had slid into an icy patch. We had a ride come pick the driver up to go get his truck to pull us out. My boyfriend and i stayed with my car. Someone ended up calling the police. So they showed up, no evidence of my boyfriend driving. They arrested him, never told him for what, never read him his miranda rights or his chemical testing rights. Can he still be charged with a DUI
This is a question of fact that will ultimately have to be decided by a judge or jury. However if you can provide some...
Second dui
I had a dui 7 years ago and i wasnt able to get ARD cuz i was at the legal limit so i got the min on everything. I just got my 2 dui in aug. Am i able to get ARD considering i couldnt with my first dui?
This is your second DUI in a 10 year period and could possibly looking at 90 days in jail. Therefore, it is imperative...