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Will a civil violation for illegal possession of alcohol show up on a record?
I was caught drinking underage the other night at a college. It was my first offence of any kind and my first time even having alcohol. I was given a civil violation ticket and instructed to call a number and pay a fine or go to the court date on the ticket. The officer recommended paying the fine. My friend was with me and mentioned he wouldn't be able to become a cop now. The officer said that is not true and that this wont show up on job applications or anything. I am just curious to know how I should handle this and where it may show up in the future. Thank you.
I am curious about the "civil violation" ticket. The violation by you will not show up on a job application. It may...
Should I try to beat my OUI case in trial or settle for Driving to Endanger?
Out of state, First offense, no aggravations. Cannot afford Expert for intoxilyzer. Low test result.
This is a loaded question. In my opinion, no lawyer on AVVO can tell you whether to try your case or resolve it by a...
Is it better to admit to drinking or take a breathalyzer and fail while underage?
Hypothetically, if I were underage drinking and a cop asks if I have been, should I deny until I (maybe) get breathalyzed or is it smarter to just admit. Of course they'll say, "If you just tell the truth, you'll be in a lot less trouble," but is that the case? I'm curious because it isn't automatic that a cop will breathalyze you if you keep your composure (I say this because I live in a college town and there are more people to bust), but its automatic guilt if you admit. What are the reprocussions of saying, "No, I haven't been drinking," then the breathalyzer says differently? Or is it the same as just admitting guilt?
And admission of drinking is going to be proof that you violated the law. Police probably won't even bother to do any...
Can an officer add charges to an existing summons?
Can an officer add charges to an existing summons, if so how long does he have to do so??
An officer might secure a search warrant, obtain the results of your hospital blood work and issue you another summons...
If you have an invalid sample in your test, could it potentially be inadmissible in court.
I had a breathalyzer administrated to me, and during that test, I was having a hard time blowing. The officer accused me of messing around and kept threatening to take me to the hospital for a blood test. It took me 40 minutes about to accomplish the test. I had two invalid samples along with it. Is this test accurate and could it render being inadmissible in court?
Possibly. If the print out is "invalid sample" as opposed to "insufficient sample", according to the manual it is an...
Will my insurance costs rise even if not convicted by court for DUI but my license was suspended by BMV?
1. Will my insurance costs rise even if not convicted by court for DUI but my license was suspended by BMV? 2.Will the DUI column indicated on the driver license report be flagged as "Y" ? 3.Does courses like defensive driving etc which reduce demerit points by 3 help in this matter?
One thought is to call a different insurance company than you ordinarily use and talk to them. Good luck. Jasen Nielsen
Wondering course of action
I was recently charged with my second drunk driving offense, my first being in 2008 and my second occurring in late 2012. I received my discovery and they seem to be charging it as a first time offense with mandatory minimum jail time, fine and loss of license. My past driving history was clearly in the packet of info the prosecuting District Attorney and I have, but he seems to have overlooked the first offense. Is there a possibility that they'll only charge me for a first time offense because of their mistake? Should I make any mention of this in court when I'm making a plea, or let them make the mistake and take advantage of it? Thank you for your consideration.
You certainly are not obligated to bring the issue to their attention. It may be that the case is weak for some reason...