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Dui on record for 10 years, is that from date of arrest to date of arrest or how does that work
dui in dec 18,1998 and dec 19, 2008
Generally the record of conviction begins on the date of sentencing not the date of arrest. Until you are convicted,...
Do i need to go back to that state or can i clear it from here?
I was convicted of dwi.and while suspended was stopped for open container/driving after suspension.I did not go to court on the open container /operating after suspension.I was issued a licence in another state and after 4 more years another licence for 4 more years.When i went to get my next licence i was told that due to my previous violations i could not get a licence.it would be an easy fix except i live on the other side of the country now. My violations were about13 years ago...any advice would be greatly appreciated...thanks...mike
You will have to comply wtih the "other state's rules" which may well require you to travel to it and face the...
Will I be arrested at the airport upon entry back to the U.S. for dui at Mountain Home AFB in 2010?
“in 2010 I got a DUI on Mountain Home AFB, ID. The MP's handled it, no civilian police. the MP's just told me that I would be given a court date in a federal court at some point. After one year nothing happened, no court date. so, I came here to the Philippines. but I heard that my case did go to court and I was charged with DUI while I was here in the Philippines. My question, when I go back to the U.S. will I be arrested at the airport upon entry? I will go back and take care of this, I just want to know what to expect at the airport.”
Good chance you have a warrant for missing court. If so, then yes you will likely be picked up at the airport. You...
Will ignition interlock restriction on an out-of-state driver's license still be in effect when I obtain an ID license?
I received a first-time DWAI conviction a year ago in CO. I was sentenced to one year of probation, and CO's state-specific license laws mandated ignition interlock for two years. I have currently completed both my year of probation, and one violation-free year with ignition interlock. From what I see, ID motor vehicle statutes only require ignition interlock restrictions for "a period not in excess of the period of time a person is on probation for the offense." (http://legislature.idaho.gov/idstat/Title18/T18CH80SECT18-8008.htm) I am currently moving to ID - when I obtain an ID drivers license, will it carry an interlock restriction even though I have met ID state/DMV requirements already? If so, is there any process by which I can petition to have it reevaluated/lifted? Thank you.
I am not licensed in CO or Idaho, but my best guess is that, under principles of full faith and credit from one state...
HELLO,MISD DUI,CA,2001,NEVER ATTENDED CARE SCHOOL.Idaho wont allow me to get DL.how to get hold lifted?who where i go for help?
HELLO, I have a misd.dui from 2001 in my home state ,hometown in Redding. ITD (idaho version of )DMV. No agency has answers.I sent proof of new address and identity w/SAE to DMV in Sac,after 2 months they retuned my entire letter,time date stamped & NOTHING ELSE.not even a pamphlet contact person....i live in Meridian,Idaho,Offense was Redding ,CA in Shasta Co. 2001 or 2002 no other dui's only few speeding tickets in life time,Im 42 would love to be legit on the interstate. huuuuuu?¿ ive never had an ID lic. Wht do i do? CA dmv site say it should be 10 years then removed/or what evervthey call it. CA recently change dui/dwi statutes,but mine is grand fathered in.
Look into getting a 1650 waiver. Such a form allows you a one-time only exemption from attending the DUI classes that...
Recent DUI in Idaho. Will / how will judge find out about DUI in California 26 years ago in California?
Is there interstate database that goes back that far for DUI ? It may influence judge's sentence.
It is certainly possible the judge will find out about the prior DUI. There are a number of databases that can be...
How long do you have to pay dui fines in boise id?
upon being arraigned and fined, how long do you have to pay $2000 dui fine in boise id?
This question is most appropriately answered by the court. They will tell you about your payment plan and time...