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dui in dec 18,1998 and dec 19, 2008
Generally the record of conviction begins on the date of sentencing not the date of arrest. Until you are convicted,...
I was convicted of dwi.and while suspended was stopped for open container/driving after suspension.I did not go to court on the open container /operating after suspension.I was issued a licence in another state and after 4 more years another licence for 4 more years.When i went to get my next licence i was told that due to my previous violations i could not get a licence.it would be an easy fix except i live on the other side of the country now. My violations were about13 years ago...any advice would be greatly appreciated...thanks...mike
You will have to comply wtih the "other state's rules" which may well require you to travel to it and face the...
I was charged with a DUI and pleaded guilty before 2 years and half. I finished my probation and all the required things and after that my case closed as 'Withheld Judgment completed and charge dismissed'. Now I am applying to Universities and one of the questions is "Have you ever been convicted of or have pending against you a felony or misdemeanor other than minor traffic violations?". Do I have to answer 'Yes' or 'No' for this question? Help Please!!
If, after you successfully completed probation, you or your lawyer filed a motion to dismiss the case pursuant to the...
This happened in Valley County and have an additional obstruct charge.
I am not sure about Idaho since I do not practice there, but as a general proposition, when your license is suspended...
How do I get it off? Or does it come off automatically..?
You should contact a California attorney to help you if you still have a hold due to this.
i pulled into hotel and entered my room.(cops were parked in hotel parking lot) 5 mins later cops knock on door and i step out to speak to them. they ask if i drove, i said yes. they then gave me a road side test and charged me with a dui for "being under the influence of narcotics". i took the blow test but refused to pee. also before i answered any questions i asked the officers "am i being charged for anything" and " am i free to go"
You have some potentially strong legal issues here, but the outcome is going to depend on exactly what the police said,...
My minor daughter received a misdemeanor DUI citation after being involved in a single-car roll-over accident. She was indeed under the influence, blew a .11 and .12 and we have no reason to believe this is inaccurate. She has no prior record other than a speeding ticket. To complicate matters, we are in Chapter 13 bankruptcy and thus have no disposable income. Our income is too high for a public defender based on the court clerk review. She said we could go before the judge during the pre-trial conference to try and make a case for a PD. We are trying to determine if that is worth the effort or if she should change her plea to guilty and take the punishment that the judge deals her. Or should she have an attorney to help ensure that the punishment is not overly harsh?
Pleading guilty to a DUI will have lifetime consequences for your daughter. Find a way to retain counsel. A motion to...