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dui in dec 18,1998 and dec 19, 2008
Generally the record of conviction begins on the date of sentencing not the date of arrest. Until you are convicted,...
I was convicted of dwi.and while suspended was stopped for open container/driving after suspension.I did not go to court on the open container /operating after suspension.I was issued a licence in another state and after 4 more years another licence for 4 more years.When i went to get my next licence i was told that due to my previous violations i could not get a licence.it would be an easy fix except i live on the other side of the country now. My violations were about13 years ago...any advice would be greatly appreciated...thanks...mike
You will have to comply wtih the "other state's rules" which may well require you to travel to it and face the...
I got a dui in California about a year ago and had to complete classes. During the classes I was kicked out for missing to many days. I had financial problems and was unable to get to the classes anymore. Then, do to circumstances, I had to move out of state. There is a Warrent out for me. Is there anyway that I can still finish these classes and get the Warrent taken care of out of the state? Am I at risk of jail time?
You should retain an attorney who practices in the court where your case originated. Assuming this is a misdemeanor...
he received probation and completed everything and paid all the fines. We have a 3 year old child. Most people say that I would be able to fill out all the paper work with out any problems.
"Most people" are dead wrong. Applying for marriage based green card is much more complicated and filled with pitfalls...
I was charged with a DUI and pleaded guilty before 2 years and half. I finished my probation and all the required things and after that my case closed as 'Withheld Judgment completed and charge dismissed'. Now I am applying to Universities and one of the questions is "Have you ever been convicted of or have pending against you a felony or misdemeanor other than minor traffic violations?". Do I have to answer 'Yes' or 'No' for this question? Help Please!!
If, after you successfully completed probation, you or your lawyer filed a motion to dismiss the case pursuant to the...
So, I was driving down the road in a friend's car after a couple beers, it was raining very hard, and I started sliding and crashed. After the local people living where I had crashed came out and called the cops, I was breathalyzed and given a DUI. This is my first offense and I blew a .028. Nobody was injured, and I didn't destroy any property other than a small street sign. What I'd like to know is: 1. What's going to happen from here on out and what should I expect? 2. Would it be difficult to make a plea agreement for my sentencing? Thank you, any help is greatly appreciated.
All of your questions are best answered by consulting with an experienced DUI attorney in ID.
I had lived in Idaho for nearly 2 years when I was charged with a DUI. At the time, I was still driving with my Kansas driver's license. Yes, I acknowledge my sheer laziness. I'd met all of the requirements to get my license in Idaho, but was unable to being that Kansas wants me to install an ignition interlock device. Despite the fact that I was driving with a Kansas driver's license, I was no longer a resident of Kansas and, as said earlier, I had been living in Idaho for nearly 2 years. Naturally, I have documentation to prove that claim. Is this a mistake or am I obligated to Kansas' DUI laws?
This can actually be a quite complicated situation. There is a "Driver License Compact" to which most states --...