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Virginia DUI When considering prior offenses, do they use the offense date or the conviction date in the prior 10 year period?
In Virginia, the court looks at the date the offenses were committed, independent of the date of conviction.
I was charged a ticket for having an open container. However I was not drinking and driving. The violation was listed as 5-1-25. The officer did not tell me the price of the fine. What can I expect to have to pay and will it have an affect on my license if I was not DWI?
Your ticket will have information directing you to a court where your case will be handled.There could also be a...
I got convicted with a DWI >0.15 in April 2013, and two days ago (one year later), I blew a fail. An hour later I passed, leading me to believe that I failed by a pretty low margin. I wasnt sure what happened and tried rinsing my mouth out, believing that it may have been caused by mouthwash...I just kept thinking did I eat something or drink something that set it off? I blew again one hour later and passed, and now Im wondering if I am going to serve more time under probation for this, especially considering I have 11 clean months with no violations.
When you say you blew a single fail, does that mean you did not give the second blow a few minutes later? The point of...
I Received a 1st time DUI conviction and was ordered to complete 6 months of having an Ignition Interlock device. Are there any penalties due finishing the six months install late, past the 12 month court date? (Besides delayed license reinstatement) I have not driven this year and I have no access to a vehicle. I've completed all the other requirements (Alcohol education classes, etc.)
The ignition interlock requirement only applies if you requested a restricted driver's license when you were convicted...
I've had my interlock in for 45 months, due to not going 6 consectutive months without a violation. After reapeated attempts to get in touch with my PO regarding removal I have finally spoke to him. He stated that I could have had the interlock removed this past Aug and I can come in to have it removed, however they say that I owe them $1950. Every month after the inital 6 month period, they say that there is an extra $50 per month to ASAP that I should have been paying. I was never sent a bill or informed of this. ASAP said they could put me on a payment plan, but if I were to miss a payment they could report to DMV that I never completed ASAP or my ADS classes and have my License re-suspended even though I have infact completed all required classes. Is this normal or is it even legal?
Dear Fairfax - What you have to realize is that the Ignition Interlock Device ("IID") is mandatory until you get it...
I have nothing further to ask.
If the State of Mississippi finds out about it, your license could be suspended in that state. Did you have an...
I have a restricted licence due to a DWI conviction (1st offence). My question is regarding the nature of my restrictions. As it stands I am allowed to drive between the hours of 8 AM and 9 AM to work and 5 PM to 6 PM to home as well as to and from school twice a week. But, I can also drive during the hours of 8 AM and 6 PM for work purposes Mon-Sat with proper verification. My question is: can my boss sign a letter once that says "I need [me] to be driving between the hours of 8 AM - 6PM M-S from Feb-Jan, 2015 for work purposes?" Or do I have to have a task-specific note each time I drive in that window?
If you are driving for site to site with variations each day, you should have some type of task-specific documentation...