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  • Father 'brutally beat his baby girl to death with an...

    Friday Nov 14 | via Daily Mail 

    Father 'brutally beat his baby girl to death with an X-Box controller' then tried to blame it on his two-year-old daughter Ahmed Ibrahim, 26, has been charged with murder for allegedly beating his 8-month-old daughter to death with an X-Box controller Ibrahim told authorities that it was his two-year-old daughter who caused severe trauma to the infant's head Authorities say Ahmed Ibrahim, 26, of Burien, smashed his 8-month-old daughter's skull on Monday and then tried to convince police that his two-year-old daughter was the one who killed the infant. King County sheriff's deputies responded to the home Monday morning after receiving a call from the child's mother saying her baby wasn't breathing, KOMO News reports.


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  • Charge: Baby girl beaten to death with video game co...

    Thursday Nov 13 | via Seattle Post-Intelligencer 

    A Burien man accused of beating his infant daughter to death and trying to blame the killing on her sister, just a toddler herself, has been charged with murder. King County prosecutors claim 27-year-old Ahmed Ibrahim smashed his 8-month-old daughter's skull with an Xbox controller on Monday morning at the family's Burien-area apartment.


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  • Burien man arrested in connection with infant's death

    Wednesday Nov 12 | via KOMO News 

    A Burien infant was found dead Monday morning, and the girl's dad is now facing a murder charge. King County sheriff's deputies responded to a Burien home Monday morning after getting a frantic 911 call from a mother claiming her 8-month old baby was hurt.


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  • Burien man arrested after 8-month old daughter found...

    Wednesday Nov 12 | via The Waterland Blog 

    The King County Sheriff's Office is reporting that a 27-year old Burien man was arrested Wednesday for investigation of murder after his 8-month old daughter was found dead in the family's apartment. It is unknown which apartment building the incident took place in, and police said they will not be releasing any further details at this point.


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  • Kent Police overtime costs soar to $120,000-plus per...

    Thursday Oct 30 | via Kent Reporter 

    The Kent Police Department spends an average of $120,000 to $160,000 in overtime costs each month because it has been unable to keep staffing at a full level as well as unexpected costs from high-profile crimes. "Our overtime is a lot," Thomas said in response to a question from Councilman Bill Boyce at an Oct. 21 council budget workshop.


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  • Jury convicts Burien man in fatal shooting of unarme...

    Thursday Oct 30 | via The Waterland Blog 

    The King County Prosecutor's Office is reporting that a jury has convicted a 49-year-old Burien man in the fatal shooting of an unarmed man outside a home in Burien on August 28, 2012. The jury convicted the defendant, Jaspal Gill, of Murder in the First Degree with a Firearm Enhancement as charged for the murder of Harjit Singh, a cab driver.


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  • Burien responds to double shooting in front of Mick ...

    Oct 27, 2014 | via The Highline Times 

    The Burien Police Department and Mick Kelly's Irish Pub have announced new plans in response to the shooting that took place in front of the downtown Burien bar last week. The shooting occurred at about 1:25 a.m. on Sunday, October 19. Witnesses reported that an unknown shooter fired six shots into a crowd of people who had been visiting Mick Kelly's Irish Pub on S.W. 152nd Street in Burien.


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Burien Law

Got a DUI in California and will be moving to WA for work. Court ordered to enroll in a first offender DUI class in WA and send proof of completion.
Its not exactly clear to me what California considers to be a "first offender DUI class" as we have no such animal here...
I got pulled over because the officer said I was going 59 in a 50 when I had my car set on cruse control? He makes a brief statement saying that my thinking process is slow, so he asks me to do a sobriety test and didn't do so good I guess cause it was freezing and made me take my heels off so I was barefoot. What the officer also didn't consider was I have Mental Problems for my slow thinking and slow learner. I get handcuffed and put in the back of the police car, He didn't give me a evaluation and takes me straight to the hospital to draw my blood. After he was going to let me go he decides to keep me because I have a baby father who was on Washingtons Most Wanted. I get questioned about his where a bout and they told me I would go to jail if I don't tell. But never had a option.
It will not be handled differently than alcohol, if WA law is similar to CO. Impairment is the issue whether by drugs...
instead of giving me the breathalyzer machine to bring home they gave me my ankle bracele that has the alcohol monitoring in it 24/7 can they do that ? isn't that going against the judge
Yes, as frustrating as this may be for you to achieve compliance, this is not only permissible, it is the preferred...
that monitors you 7 days a week . also im not getting my good time off of a year so please answer me those 2 questions
There are a number of factors that Judge consider when imposing sentence. The most significant is criminal history....
In 2008 I had a DUI amended to reckless driving, and now in 2011 I got a new DUI. While in court yesterday my public defender and the judge were uncertain as to the way this would effect my license? My public defender thinks it will only suspend my license for 90 days yet the judge thinks it would be 2 years. Either way my public defender said I could get an interlock license and still drive. Can I get some clarification as to the consequences if I just admit guilt and take the 230 days in jail??
The judge is correct. The new DUI would be considered a second DUI for all sentencing purposes. The length of the...
133 days have passed, can I request a motion to dismiss if I'm receive a court date?
I believe the state has two years to file the charges. I have seen charging take anywhere from six months to one year.
Have received traffic violations in both Colorado and Washington State.
.001 +/- .0005 the mean of two standard deviations of the cost of a cab. Since can prices float = to DUI's it's...