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My 18 year old son got charged with DUI, Possession of Marijuana, and paraphernalia. This happened in Vermillion, South Dakata.
I am trying to find out if he will lose my GI Bill if the possession charge sticks?
You will need to hire a local lawyer to investigate the charges that are filed. in order to determine every possible...
I was arrested for possession of marijuana, ingestion, and a DUI what do i have to do to clear this off my record?
First offense in my life, i have to get into med school,
You should consult an attorney in your jurisdiction who understands the laws in your area.
If I drove over a curb and ended up with a dui shouldn't I have a ticket for bad driving or something too?
I got two counts of dui which they said I would get one or the other. But nothing about the driving over the curb which is why I got pulled over in the first place
You are facing massive fines and jail and you are worried about whether or not you got a traffic ticket? Get an...
Should I fight this dui
I am being charged with a DUI for having difluroethane in my blood it has no amount listed on the blood test just that it's detected does the state really have a case?
You need to hire an experienced DUI attorney in your area without delay. They will be able to help you fight these...
I have a second dui just 2 months ago. i have been under political asylum for 12 years. I am applying for green card
first dui 2011 and second dui 2015. I received a letter to go for an interview for green card. I read somewhere online that normally they dont do interviews but that an interview for green cards could imply they are going to deport me. Is this correct?
With two dui's in your history, you need to work with an experienced immigration attorney asap.
Guitly to a 1st offense DUI and stacked up attorney fees, then couldn't pay so they issued a warrant, can i pay to avoid jail?.
couldn't pay due to relocation and financial problems
Can you pay your way out of jail? Not likely. If you warrant you'll eventually be arrested.
South Dakota: can you ask for a blood test being on probation??
Im on probation and I smoked some dabs about two months ago and haven't smoked since but my test keep saying positive.. Blood test will only show thc in your blood if you have smoked recently can you askyour probation officer for a blood test to on top of a urine test? * not refusing the urine test* to see if the blood teat comes back negative
You can request it it but you may also have to pay for it.