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I was cited for Public Intoxication. What is the penalties and what can I expect?
I was cited for public intoxication in Burbank. 9-36 is the ordinance number. I know it is not a crime, but what is the maximum punishment and what can happen in court?
It sounds like you were issued a local ordinance ticket, which would typically be a fine-only offense. Most likely,...
Hi me and my wife were parked at my moms house talking in her truck when a drunk driver hit us and pushed us onto curb
driver is not the insure but his girlfriend has full coverage allstate the owner of truck that hit me and my wife
What is your question?
Could you opt to go to jail and avoid paying fines and /or doing community service?
in regards to being arrested for dui, first offense
Generally, yes. Under normal situations, defendants will have the option of serving a jail sentence instead of taking...
DUI IN TAXES, Illinois resident
I am an IL resident. I had a DUI in IL almost 3 years ago which I was not convicted with. I got supervision. Almost a year ago I was pulled over in TX for driving under the influence. My BAC level was 0.15. The charges are still pending. I was wondering if I can bring that case to IL the state of my residence and have an IL lawyer to represent me instead of going back and forth to TX. Also, I had to install an ignition interlock device in Denton County, TX as a requirement of bond. Will my DUI from IL that got reduced to supervision be treated as a first DUI in TX and then a DUI from Taxes considered as a 2nd DUI. I have an attorney in TX but don't rely on him. Is there any way to bring that case to the state of IL? Or is it better to be held in TX?
In a word, no. Two different sovereigns and two different laws. Get chummy with your Texas lawyer.
DUI Supervision requirements
Under supervision till December 2015. One of the requirements is "no other traffic or criminal violations, no similar offenses" I have not received a ticket or been pulled over since the supervision began. My attorney told me not to worry if were to get a speeding ticket going 5 mph - 10 mph over. Attorney also got my summary supervision rescinded at court date. Said he had a good relationship with prosecutor. That being said, any traffic violation could cause the supervision in jeopardy if the state wanted to re-sentence me?
It sounds like your attorney did a good job for you. Technically any traffic ticket would be a violation of your...
How will IL DUI effect FL license?
I have a lawyer in IL who is unclear on how a sentence of court supervision will be handled in FL. Also when does the SOS report the statutory summary suspension to the FL DMV? I was arrested on 4/21 and as of to-date, my license is still valid.
Your lawyer in IL is as unclear as any of us would be about FL law. You need to speak with a lawyer in FL, preferably...
Can my daughter plead guilty on DUI charge without personally being in the courtroom. She lives in Texas.
My daughter was charged with DUI under the influence of KUSH. she lives here in Texas, she did not show up for court . Can she be represented by an attorney on her behalf to plead.
It isn't very likely as the judge would need to ask certain things of a defendant. Technically she isn't allowed to...