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driver is not the insure but his girlfriend has full coverage allstate the owner of truck that hit me and my wife
What is your question?
Looking for a tavern license and haven't drank in 7 years. Can I qualify for one even though I had a "drinking past" and clear violations of the law?
You cannot get a Chicago license if you are "A person who has been convicted of a felony under any federal or state law...
I have a Wisconsin license, convicted of DUI in Illinois, I also work in Illinois. Can I get an RDP to travel to and from work? I am also required to do work release as well. I would travel from Twin Lakes, WI to Palatine, IL. Thanks for any and all your help.
To apply for an RDP, you must go through the informal/formal hearing process During your consultation, you must...
I was the DD after party Saturday night. On the way home, i had hit a pothole and believed i had a flat. Upon further inspection, we realized that the problem was more mechanical so I put a request in to my insurance for a tow. After sending the tow request, i realized my phone battery was low so my husband and I walked across the street to the drugstore to buy a charger, leaving my husbands friend and the security guard who witnessed the breakdown. When my husband and I returned the car was gone. The security guard told us the friend took off in the vehicle with only 3 tires. We found out police pursued him until he crashed into a curb, parked van, and pole. We went to the station to report the incident but the officer refused to make a report. He wasn't even charged with a DUI
I am trying to imagine, 'the friend took off in the vehicle with only 3 tires." I would have liked to see that!...
I had a formal hearing over 2 months ago. If I dont get a letter from the secretary of state within the 3 month period they need to give me an answer, what happens?
In reality, not much. Just give them a call to make sure that the order wasn't lost in the mail.
I got DUI , and my driver license was suspended , I got letter from Secretary of State that my driver license was suspended On the court I got dismissed for suspended driver license and I got supervision , after that my Lowyer told me that court house have to send the letter to the Secretary of State and I have to receive in one week the latter from Secretary of State to reinstate my driver license , It already past 2 weeks but I steel didn't got anything from them . What can be ?????
could be the clerk has not sent it in. Instead of waiting for a letter call the automated number at SOS 217-782-2720...
My bond was for me to be put on house arrest. This is my first offense never been arrested before this. I hired an attorney but when I ask him when will I be taken off of house arrest or what it's going on with my case he doesn't tell me anything.everyone I go to court nothing happens. The last 3 times I've been to court the judge has not been there. There hasn't even been a trial yet. Can someone give me some advice
You should speak to your lawyer about these things and if your having problems with him or her you should look into...